Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are amongst a few new things here in the Barker household!

Lucy has finally reached the viable age to begin attending what will in hopes be a good Sunday experience... Nursery!
Inducted into the "Who cares if your kid is sick let's take them to nursery anyways and ignore all the rules and let all the other nursery kids' parents experience my Hell for the last week so you can suffer like me"...(this part of the post alone could go on for hours!)
On to more ... "Joy" is a word that describes the pictures below!

Kitchen Completion-ish!... Backsplash is in! The-"ish" stands for....1. still need curtains, 2. grout for the backsplash- to be completed on Wednesday, 3. seal grout on countertops and backsplash, 4. touch-up paint and drywall, 5. there is so much more, but importantaly it is gorgeous and I love it love it love it!

I feel joy for this picture because it shows how incredible Mr. Sexy is... Seriously how many husbands vaccuum while holding the cutest baby?
This joy is probably mostly going to be shared by my brother and dad... Lucy has now taken over Uncle Nick's childhood name of "Poop-kid"
While in Charlotte this weekend-because I still have no bathing facilities-besides the kitchen sink, which above shows has..NO CURTAINS, so that might be offensive to all passers-by. We went to visit Katelyn and Tonya for some girl time, and a nice hot shower everyday, Lucy decided to relieve herself in the bathtub!
A mother's joy to find that if there is one thing she resmebles like me right now... She's a "righty" this is good news for me because left-handed volleyball players have a heck-0f-a-time! The boy can be lefty because all sports are conducive for left-handed boys!
We currently are having "open-door" policy in all of our Bathrooms!
And nothing sums up a post better than a good ol' West Virginia hot tub!