Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't believe it is that time of year again....It is so clear to me, the day- 2 years ago- I awoke to intense feelings in my abdomen. " Is this the real thing?" I wondered. I was excited, scared, nervous, happy, concentrating on breathing, feeling lots of emotion only barely describes what was happening.
I was getting ready to bear a child.
A child.
Can I really do this? I felt strong and empowered but did I know what was to come? NO.
I didn't know what the next few hours held for me, my body, my un-born baby, and my husband.
What I do know now is that these have been the most fulfilling 2 years of my life!
Happy Birthday Lucy
we love you sweet girl!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

love the Barkers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sharpened Pencil=Bris

This week is full of Jewish holidays... although we are not Jewish, we thought we would participate! Always a good reason to have a party. So in Peter's honor we had his "unveiling" this week and commemorated the event with a nice dinner with Grandma Barker, Frank and LaDonna! I am sure the Jews would be a little disappointed seeing as we ate pork... but I made sure that I asked the butcher and he assured me that this pig was only organically fed.... that must count for something right?
***circumcision is not for the weary, or tender hearted mother!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sNOw more!!!!!

Dear winter,
Spring came a few weeks ago so.....
I can't hardly take the up and down of these extreme weather conditions...

2 days ago it was perfect- (see below)

Grandma Barker is here visiting our sweet baby. And of course spoiling us with her attention and willingness to clean and make all sorts of goodies. Today we finally un-thawed the berries I have had in my freezer for a loooong time! We made 15 jars of blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry/blackberry freezer jam. We baked 2 homemade fruit cakes with blackberries, we took a trip to the library, went to the store for some Easter goodies, and visited with Frank and Ladonna!