Friday, August 14, 2009

It runs reeeeal deep

these German blood lines....
the other day I caught Lucy saying,
"Gheeze Kisten"
notice the missing "r" that is how she said it)
I asked her to repeat herself several times to make sure I heard her correctly
I did.
real sassy
{thanks Ben}
she is full of spice and makes us laugh everyday

she even loves {raw} potatoes... a true German no doubt!
stubborn as can be and blonde as they come

speaking of potatoes, we are headed to the land from where the come!
Look out Sea-Town we are making a stop to see you first.
Off we go, see you all when we get back when no doubt I will have some fun Barker stories to tell!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

pete{r} and re-pete

Lucy has reached the age of repeating
It is so much fun, and kind of like walking on glass at the same time.
So fun and scary!
My language has miraculously toned down... not that it was {bad} but words like fork and fox are not accepted in the Barker house right now.
Bum instead of butt
oh no instead of crap
She says the funniest things... we find ourselves long after the kids are in bed repeating these funny endearing phrases and laughing, oh how I love my little Pete{r} and Re-Pete!
Some of Lucy's funnies:
whooo yucky... this is said when changing Peter's diaper
Oh gheeze mama... this is said ALL the time
mahsicle mahsicle.... aka: popsicle

Peter on the other hand speaks his own language which is not yet {of} the world! I wish it could stay that way because it is SO cute!

Monday, August 3, 2009

4 months +

Peter is growing up. He is already 4 months old! Lucy is interacting so much more with him and they laugh together all of the time! I love 4 months... this is such a fun stage! Peter is smiling and giggling all the time. He is such a happy baby and a wonderful sleeper!