Thursday, August 6, 2009

pete{r} and re-pete

Lucy has reached the age of repeating
It is so much fun, and kind of like walking on glass at the same time.
So fun and scary!
My language has miraculously toned down... not that it was {bad} but words like fork and fox are not accepted in the Barker house right now.
Bum instead of butt
oh no instead of crap
She says the funniest things... we find ourselves long after the kids are in bed repeating these funny endearing phrases and laughing, oh how I love my little Pete{r} and Re-Pete!
Some of Lucy's funnies:
whooo yucky... this is said when changing Peter's diaper
Oh gheeze mama... this is said ALL the time
mahsicle mahsicle.... aka: popsicle

Peter on the other hand speaks his own language which is not yet {of} the world! I wish it could stay that way because it is SO cute!


Kara said...

Darling! Peter is getting BIG! Lucy cracks me up with all that repeating. Favorite: Oh geeze Mama! Ah! That is too cute.

Are you guys planning on venturing out to the big city anytime in the near future? We'd love to see you.

mary.liz said...

So cute! I can't believe how big they are getting and so fast. Enjoy every moment. It blows by so quickly.

Miss you all!

Kristen said...

Mary... the other night we were outside and Lucy was begging to go to "mary's" house, it was so sad!!!! P.A.B's was sitting on YOUR porch and looking all slimy... Lucy was so upset she just kept pointing at your house and I knelt down beside her and told her that you didn't live there anymore and BAD people lived there now... She clung to me and that was the end of that! So sad but so true!

sara said...

"crud" is an excellent "crap" replacer in language I have found. I am sure you realize this that although this stage does not end, it gets a little easier. My daughter said "butthole" at the dinner table last night and we had a calm exchange about how that is an unacceptable word... what did we do before kids?!

love your blog, by the way!

Jenny said...

Will is sitting on my lap...he just wanted to see some pics of lucy:) i love lucy language- have fun at the lake.
gffffvgfbyhtjhuy, love Will,