Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day of 60lbs

I kind of fell of my bandwagon last night.
I drank a Diet Coke.
And it was lovely.... truly LOVELY!
The best part about it was that I know that I am just fine without it for long durations of time.
I don't want it quite like I used to. And that is wonderful.
I succommed to the temptation before 6 months but I am okay with that. I did experience a moment of weakness when I decided to open the can... but it ended with a sense of triumph of strength!

Back to business this week.- working out business. Jillian is calling my name to the gym and I got one of my fitness magazines in the mail with some pretty cool new ideas for toning for summer.

Is anyone else thinking about deleting Facebook? What is all the controversy? Should I take picts down of the kids? Delete conversations? Hmmm
I tried Craigslist for the first time advertising the sale of this house and now my inbox is flooded with what seems to be "fishy" emails. I am deleting them all.
Why is this world wide web so freaking awesome and downright horrible all at the same time?
Time to detox from FB, craigslist, blogger, email??????
My head is not only filled with conflicting thoughts of "how much is too much?" to share but the green snot that is blocking the sinuses is in the way too!!!
My kids are currently taking advantage of my computer time and have successfully unloaded every drawer full of clothes and all books- and there are alot of them- are on the floor in a humungous pile that they are climbing on with much enthusiasm. AHHHH summm!
Have a wonderful memorial day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

day who knows of 60lbs

I have seriously been slacking on my documentation of my weight loss goal, the weight is still dropping, ( not as quickly as I had hoped but either way, still on the decline!)

On another note... Summer seems to be in full swing.

We have successfully been without the heater for 3 weeks now and the air-conditioner is working mighty fine! The humidity is quite possibly going to drive me insane along with the mosquitos, but a little "Off" and it's go time!

I woke up a few days ago and read a blog that I have fallen in love with and decided just like Kelle, that this too was going to be a summer to remember! I love love love the sunshine, water and popsicles, oh and the baseball games (d-backs are the fav)! We have been soaking it up. all. week. and I have a thousand pictures to prove it. I will spare a thousand pictures but I will put up some favorites!

Waking up, watering flowers, a nice 5 mile walk with the ladies and babies, dips in the pool.
Sunshine makes for lovely long naps after lunch.

A little blonde haried 3 year old and the cutest red-headed 1 year old wake up with the most intense desire to go right back out for round 2 of water and sunshine. I just can't help it.... if there is sunshine and warmth... let's be outside.

There is always a scent of BBQ within range of my senses. Breathe in. Delish.

The smell of sunscreen lingers until bathtime and then we lather up with Burt's best! Nothing smells better on my babies!

I love sitting on the bed at night and feeling the coolness that the ceiling fan has to offer.

Summertime really is delightful!

There is sunshine in my soul.

So happy that this will stay around for a few months. We are going to soak it up!

Oh and one more "super" thing... I found a "Superman" shirt that is for Superman. I will snap a few shots of him in his aviators... take my breath away! Yum. Stay tuned for that one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 125 of 60lbs

Good morning Monday morning.
Mondays always start off so fresh and full of energy for me. And when the sun is shining it is that much more propelling into what lies ahead for the week.
Working people tend to fret Monday's coming... and although I am on round the clock duty, Monday is just that much more thrilling because it is a start to anew.
Sunday is our day to rest and that probably has a bit to do with how Monday can seem a little more thrilling.
So here we are Monday morning and I am feeling especially hopeful that I will do better.
I pleaded in my prayers last night that I might find the energy to accomplish the things that I have time to think about in my thoughts. I get these really motivated thoughts and excited about fulfilling them and then when it comes time to execute.. the energy is not as pungent as it was in my original thoughts.
So here is to my energy being full all week and able to accomplish the things that are important to me both physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. ( not necessarily in any order)
Happy Monday.... I am going to learn to play tennis today! Thanks to Jenny!