Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 125 of 60lbs

Good morning Monday morning.
Mondays always start off so fresh and full of energy for me. And when the sun is shining it is that much more propelling into what lies ahead for the week.
Working people tend to fret Monday's coming... and although I am on round the clock duty, Monday is just that much more thrilling because it is a start to anew.
Sunday is our day to rest and that probably has a bit to do with how Monday can seem a little more thrilling.
So here we are Monday morning and I am feeling especially hopeful that I will do better.
I pleaded in my prayers last night that I might find the energy to accomplish the things that I have time to think about in my thoughts. I get these really motivated thoughts and excited about fulfilling them and then when it comes time to execute.. the energy is not as pungent as it was in my original thoughts.
So here is to my energy being full all week and able to accomplish the things that are important to me both physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. ( not necessarily in any order)
Happy Monday.... I am going to learn to play tennis today! Thanks to Jenny!


Travis said...

Right on... I hope your energy runs high as well. Bring your tennis racket up to our place again, we can all play...

elizabeth said...

Tennis sounds like fun. Too bad I'm so horrible it's not much of a workout for me.