Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 115 of 60lbs

You know how sometimes your life swirls around you?

Well that seems to be what is happening to my life recently.

Except, I am present, and enjoying life rather than just letting it pass me by.

And thankfully so.

Don't get me wrong... some days are quite challenging.

Especially when you make visits to the Emergency room, or try to coordinate family picture outfits, or when the stubborness of a certain 3 year old is rooted so deep you have to dig your way to China to soften them up- everything is made in China nowadays right?- or when you have to try to keep the cutest Red head- who is just learning to toddle- from getting the slightest bump or fall. ( strict instructions from the above mentioned ER visit)

And then somedays are so exhilirating.

The days when I say to Lucy " your so gorgeous" (all dramatic like)

and she says "NOOOOOO your so GORGEOUS mama" ( I'll take it- dramatics and all)

When we get to go on super long walks with super awesome friends.

The days when we ride around the neighborhood and take in the beautiful-ness of these West Virginia hills, and the beauty that spring has to offer. Really not much can compare to this kind of beauty. Everything just seems right with the world when the spring is in full force.

I am in a good place right now, and although things are not as progressed as far a long as I would like them too with my goals as far as weight loss goes, I am okay with that right now. I am still on the losing track and am thankful that I am able to have some balance right now. Even if this takes me 8 months or 10 months I am going to keep on going. Because keep on going is what we have to do right?
When this life starts swirling... just keep twirling.
And that is just what I am doing.


elizabeth said...

Awww. Those are beautiful family photos. I hope Peter is feeling better.

Haynsy said...

Don't give up on the losing.

I just went to the doctor and I'm now off of two medications.

Blood pressure 116 over 68, pulse 66. Old numbers: 140 over 95, avg pulse 99.

You can do it, and, you get to live a long time.

The family pictures look great.