Thursday, April 8, 2010


we have been gone for a while now... 3 weeks exactly, from home.

We have been to alot of our other "homes."

Ben has been away from us for 2 weeks -back at "our" home.

Right this very second he is on his way out to San Clemente so I can see his gorgeous bod and he can give his littles some love.

I am going to miss the smell of the salty air. ALOT.

I could live here 100% of the time. For certain

But... I am dying to get back and see my tulips.

I wasn't expecting to be gone this long.... and I am dying a little inside about missing my tulips. They are so very precious to me. So beautiful.

I am also very excited to get back and see that spring has sprung...

I was really beginning to think that Charleston would never turn green again.

So, tomorrow we are on our way back to home.

It will be bittersweet


elizabeth said...

It may be bittersweet to you, but it's just sweet for us. I'll do a drive by and check out your tulips. They look beautiful around the capitol building

Kristen said...

I miss you.. how is the babe? I will call you this weekend!

Travis said...

Sweet... It's be good to have you guys back...

Jenny said...

You almost missed spring Kristen! It is getting greener every day here. I can almost smell baby sun lotion:) Welcome HOME. Yes, you can say it, Charleston is your Home:)

tiffany jeanne said...

I'm so sad we were unable to get together this time. My 'free' week turned out to be busier than i thought it would. HOpe to see you next time you're out, and of course, I'll be keeping up with you on here :)