Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

to our first born.

Our sweet little blonde beauty.

Our sassy little doll babe.

Our little Lucy Lou.

Our sweet and sometimes REALLY sour BIG sister.

Daddy's little girl.

(tightly wrapped around her pinky)

Miss Independent.

The one that I look at and think,

"oh, this is what revenge is."
The one that I look at and think how could my life ever amounted to ANYTHING without you.

She is so many things. Beauty and Grace. Sass and Frass. Laughter and Seriousness-

just like her mama.

She still asks me to tell her about when she was a baby. I tell it to her the same every time.

She likes the part when I say she was kicking inside of me and I knew she was getting ready to come. Then I tell her about getting into the birthing tub and then she came out to meet us. Daddy held her in the pink blanket and we called and told everyone that we had a new baby girl named

"Lucy Ann"

We kissed her on her little button nose and then brought her home. Kona- the dog, sniffed her little face. -She especially likes the part when we pretend to be Kona sniffing her face.

She giggles and says ,"do it again!"

She has so much to live for and experience and we are so proud to be her parents.

We love you Lucy

Happy 3rd Birthday.


elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Princess Lucy. Thanks for inviting us to the party. We had a lot of fun.

Kara said...

Has it already been three years? Incredible how fast time goes. She is precious beyond words and is the perfect mix between you and Ben. Happy Birthday Lucy!

tiffany jeanne said...

Darling picture! Happy 3rd birthday!!

Travis said...

Happy Birthday Lucy...

Lexy had soooo much fun at your party...

Cute picture...