Monday, June 8, 2009

today's outing...

I am certain that today might possibly be the last day that Target will allow me to shop in their store....
5 pm naps are over, Peter's belly is full of the good stuff. Clean bums... Good to go!
Today is the last day to drop off my Pre/Post-Natal Vitamin script to get my $10 gift card...really it is only a $3 benefit, because the script costs $7 but free vitamins... whatever, you know still a deal blah blah blah.
My $10 gift card is going toward the new bag I NEED... my purse finally had enough and broke. The line is like four-e-v-e-r to drop off the script. Lucy wet her pants.
Luckily I had the "piddle pad" in the double stroller- mistake #4. (previous mistakes not numbered but I am sure this wasn't the 1st)
My double stroller in Target works out really well, Lucy knows how to escape, but she listens to me and obeys so I deal.
35 min until the script is ready.... that is an eternity at now 6pm. We walk around a little, Lucy grabs 3 different kinds of chips begging for "foo foo fooo" (food). She then discovers the microwave bags of popcorn and remembers we ALWAYS get popcorn and a drink right away at Target. The next 4 minutes..."poppy, poppy"-(popcorn) I make my way up to the snack bar and get our poppy and my D.C.
We make our way back to the women's clothing where I come across a cute blue skirt on sale, that I must have! Onto the kids section.... this next scene was a whirlwind
the guys monitoring the security cameras must have enjoyed this one! Lucy escapes the stroller, I am following her and then realize I am hearing a recognizable sound that I have been experiencing a lot in the last 2 weeks.... She unleashes Niagara Falls on the carpet in the children's clothing section.
btw.... Peter is crying so I am holding him at this point.
I quickly put Peter back in the stroller and lift up Lucy... trying not to make much of a scene, thankfully hardly anyone was around, I put Peter in his side of the stroller, set the popcorn down next to him, lift up Lulu and knock the popcorn all over Peter, the stroller begins to tip backwards. I catch it. Lucy now is freaking out because Peter is covered in popcorn, but smiling now! I set Lulu back in the stroller, buckle her in and proceed to the pharmacy where I politely stopped and told a worker that I spilled some popcorn and that area might need some attention....and some 409!
Got my vitamins, my gift card and checked out! (target made an additional $35)
Not sure what went unpaid for but surely there was something...
cheese crisps for dinner and left over rice, bedtime and another probably disappointing episode of Bachelorette.
I hope Ben enjoys his 4 day recurrent training/vacation...I'll be here cleaning up urine and on the phone on hold all day with the bank whose incompetence will send me to a therapist all because someone now has my account #.
Maybe Lucy will call them for me...?