Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer lovin'

It has been the busiest summer yet ... well, since I graduated from High School ( a lot of years ago) and went on many many many many exciting adventures, including: Australia, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Las Vegas, and Safford (Arizona).
We haven't exactly traveled outside of a 20 mile (probably more like 10 mile) radius yet this year... but, it seems as though summer is in full effect with days filled with water activities and exercise.
The kids are both terrified of the pool, well, swimming. But, they love to play in the water.
I have had many, MANY unpleasant experiences with Lucy and swimming and am quite certain that either she will end up being one of those women who "curse like a sailor" during pregnancy/labor or will just end up becoming a sailor. She doesn't know any {curse} words (yet) but by the sound of her voice and her body language.. I am pretty certain what she is trying to tell me. It's not pretty. at. all.
And, it hurts my heart quite a bit, because all the other kids are like little fish.. and I know she will be too, but she's going to need her own time and it is a challenge for me to sit and watch her watch them. I just keep thinking to myself... good gracious girl.... you don't know what you are missing and your going to LOVE it when you finally do decide to do it.
{patience}... I know.

We are still anxiously awaiting the sale of our sweet home here in Charleston... patience, I know. I know.

We are busy busy busy and trying to enjoy are time together when Ben is home from his 4-5 day weeks in Houston. We are planning our trip out to San Clemente and Carlsbad at the end of the month to spend time with family and for Abbey's Baby Shower! Then it is off to Seattle for a much needed vacation with my other sister Jenevieve and the Barker's! It will have been a whole year since we have all been to Sea-town and we sure do need our fill of our WA families!

I will post more soon.. for the few if any that check this poor neglected blog!