Thursday, December 4, 2008

snow, thanksgiving and sink baths!

love the drippage off the nose!
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Thanksgiving! We miss you guys!
Lucy and Gigi had so much fun together making fresh green beans for green bean casserole, playing ball, and reading bedtime stories!
We took this picture just in time... Lucy slipped down the bug but was caught by my swift hand!
Last bath in the sink! I think she is going to miss her sink baths... look at that face...!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are amongst a few new things here in the Barker household!

Lucy has finally reached the viable age to begin attending what will in hopes be a good Sunday experience... Nursery!
Inducted into the "Who cares if your kid is sick let's take them to nursery anyways and ignore all the rules and let all the other nursery kids' parents experience my Hell for the last week so you can suffer like me"...(this part of the post alone could go on for hours!)
On to more ... "Joy" is a word that describes the pictures below!

Kitchen Completion-ish!... Backsplash is in! The-"ish" stands for....1. still need curtains, 2. grout for the backsplash- to be completed on Wednesday, 3. seal grout on countertops and backsplash, 4. touch-up paint and drywall, 5. there is so much more, but importantaly it is gorgeous and I love it love it love it!

I feel joy for this picture because it shows how incredible Mr. Sexy is... Seriously how many husbands vaccuum while holding the cutest baby?
This joy is probably mostly going to be shared by my brother and dad... Lucy has now taken over Uncle Nick's childhood name of "Poop-kid"
While in Charlotte this weekend-because I still have no bathing facilities-besides the kitchen sink, which above shows has..NO CURTAINS, so that might be offensive to all passers-by. We went to visit Katelyn and Tonya for some girl time, and a nice hot shower everyday, Lucy decided to relieve herself in the bathtub!
A mother's joy to find that if there is one thing she resmebles like me right now... She's a "righty" this is good news for me because left-handed volleyball players have a heck-0f-a-time! The boy can be lefty because all sports are conducive for left-handed boys!
We currently are having "open-door" policy in all of our Bathrooms!
And nothing sums up a post better than a good ol' West Virginia hot tub!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shake it baby!

The music is for you Traci Nicole! Loves

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A new perspective

Okay... Here it goes!
As I sit here with tears in my eyes I am realizing that in this very moment I think I might be having a change of heart from my last post. You know the one with the issues of my "belly rubbing"... and hugs.
Well, not uncommonplace here....but once again for the 2nd time already today I have incessently searched through NieNiedialogues and CJane. The post that is titled "The Human Touch, by our Brother Andrew" is worth your time.
So, I have not completely evolved into Mrs. McFeely, but I have a deeper understanding from someone else why it is important to feel Human Touch.
Funny thing is... We have a new Bishop at church. He is a good man. He is very "right winged" if you get what I mean..? Anyways, he made an annoucement at church a few weeks ago about this very topic. His view is that men and women should not be "hugging" at church unless they are your family or children. I have had a hard time with this... (funny, you wouldn't have thought so) but I feel as though it is a total violation of my free-agency... and it is! This did not come across as a suggestion or a cautionary statement but as a "rule" -of sorts. However, I do understand that his concern is coming from a standpoint of not wanting others to interpret a hug as something that it is not supposed to be, I still don't fully agree.
Thank you to CJane for this post by your brother.
I am sending my hugs across the United States to Nie and your family.
And now I think I will go and "mug" my sweet little Lucy and her daddy! XOXOXO

Friday, October 3, 2008

I put the "Nie Recovery" button on the sidebar of my blog. I found this blog-actually her personal blog-nieniedialoges- through recommendation of one of my favorite people. I continuously read this blog for several reasons, one being that I find myself totally enamoured with her ability to caputure every beautiful decorating idea in my imagination and beautifully portray it in her home, another being her ability to write so gorgeously, and have a fantastic ability to express the love she has for her family through her every deed. When I found out about the plane crash I felt this connection of sorts with her and her husband. I find myself daily... actually more than a few times a day going to see what the updates are with Mr. and Mrs. Nielson. I have had dreams about them and it seems to intermingle with my own life-in my dreams of course. I have a habit of doing this in my dreams pretty frequently. I have met and become best friends with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Garner to name a few. I must have an obsession with celebrities, mostly ones that I think I might like to be friends with. I would stick Nie in the "celebrity" category in my mind.
When I see these amazing blogs with such beautiful writing and adorable backgrounds I feel totally unworthy to continue my own blog and feel bloggers block for sometimes months on end. In addition to my feelings of inequality I am apprehensive about sharing personal details on the internet, well not just the internet but I like to keep pretty private most of the time. So, I admire those who share their lives so freely!
One thing that I would like to blog about is something that is so totally bizarre to me... Why is it when women are pregnant that complete strangers as well as non-strangers feel as though it is okay to touch ones "belly?" I find this so creepy. I have spacial issues, I know. I am not so much the type of person who likes to hug or be hugged frequently. I appreciate affection and know of its importance but I often find myself in akward situations and can't decide if a hug is appropriate or not? If I know a hug is coming I find myself preparing for it or trying to find ways to avoid it. (except with close family or good friends of course)
Anyways... back to touching the belly. When I was pregnant with Lucy this happened to me a few times and I finally got so annoyed with the rubbing from a complete stranger I reached out and rubbed her belly right back. She looked at me puzzled and violated and I responded to her with "see it's weird huh?" If you just had breast implants I certainly would not walk up to you reach out and touch or rub them, so don't rub my belly please! In additon to nasuea and my spacial issues please do not touch my belly unless you ask me first, but don't be offended if I tell you "no."
This sort of thing would not bother Nie or her sister CJane because they are so kind hearted and loving and can fully embrace the love from others, me on the other hand... I struggle with the kind heartedness and love from others, so I will try to do better! Until then.... have a good weekend! We are going to enjoy Conference, the super yummy homemade salsa I have in the refrigerator, do some anatomy and physiology studying, and contemplate how I can leave my mark in this world in a way that if I were in Nie's position I could receive a fraction of the love that has been shown to her.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barker laugh factory!

Just thought the world could use a little more of this! Happy Laughing!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laughter while climbing!

Lucy is hysterical! Anything that she can climb on she does. I don't remember doing this as a child until I was old enough to remember doing it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday Ben went across the street to ask our neighbor about using his table saw... They then were engaged in some small talk about this that and the other.... Then Steve asked Ben " do you guys celebrate the 4th of July?"
Initially I found myself laughing because after all we are not British! I suppose there are some people who choose not to celebrate the independence of our fabulous country, we however choose to celebrate and admire those who keep this country one of Freedom and Beauty! We love America and I could not think of a more wonderful country to call home!

Monday, June 16, 2008

catch up!

Lucy and Eve eating popsicles!

We went to Charlotte last weekend to have a visit with Tonya and Katelyn! Here are few pictures of the girls! We had so much fun taking pictures like the paparazzi of these two little clowns!

A few weeks ago we picked our first fresh home-grown strawberry! Lucy loved it!

Daddy's little bug!
While we were in phoenix last month we had a birthday party for Lucy with all of my family. and Little loo-hoo after all the company had left just stood- up in the middle of the room and decided that it was time to walk! She has been non-stop since! My grandma was totally beside herself! We are so happy to have our little one walking! She is so much fun!

She didn't waste anytime devouring her cake!

Aunt Kerry and Lucy
Uncle Nick and Lu-Lu
Gigi loves her Lucy!
Nan, me and Nat went out for a quick lunch to our favorite PB! We had fun getting all the kids together! I miss you guys so much! I cant wait to move back and see each other more often! Loves
Sweet Nan, Colby and Brylee!
Grandpa and Lucy! These two are a pair of monkeys! Thanks for everything dad! We miss you and love you!
Grandpa Barker and all his crazy Barker grandkiddos! We had fun wishing Ben's dad a happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed all your treats and your bright shinny new red lawnmower!
Ben with Lucy and Josiah! I didn't get too many picts of the boys while we were in Seattle but here is a good one of Siah! We miss you guys and love you tons!
While in Seattle we had a bday bash for Lucy with all her Barker cousins! She is not so happy in this pict. but she had a great time with everyone!
Jo-JO and LU-Lu! These two are going to be trouble!
A little Bocce...... we had a lot of fun even though it was so COLD!

Here is Hattie-Belle, Josie, Lucy and I! We had so much fun hanging out! We painted toenails, did hair, and watched H.S Musical! Can't wait for another girls night with you Hattie!
Barker boys!
I can never get enough "girl-time" with you guys! We had fun and I think a few memories will be burned into my brain from Brooke's language that night!
(left to right: me, brooke, amber and candi!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

summertime fun!

We went swimming the other day to cool off from our sauna of a house! Lucy really enjoyed playing in the water!