Friday, September 28, 2007

all in a days work

Ben's dad Lynn came out on Tuesday, so Wednesday they worked on the house, and everyday since...but this was Tuesday's task....

we went from this

To this

To this

Today they are doing all of the finish work... more pictures to come soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wild Wonderful West Virginia!

We were at Lowe's this weekend having our new kitchen designed, Andy who was helping us out in the design center... Poor guy we are really going to make him work for his commission! Anyways, we all started chatting and turns out he is an 11 year veteran to Lowe's and a WV native as most West Virginian's are, amazing? So he was giving us a history lesson about WV. Now we asked where he grew up and he said he was from Jackson County, funny thing about these west virginian's they always tell you what county they are from... Why you ask? Well, turns out that in Logan County and Boone County they talk with a real heavy accent ( I think everyone talks with a heavy accent) but especially from those 2 counties! So, Andy proceeds to tell us that those 2 counties contain all the "Rednecks," supposedly the phrase "rednecks" was coined here in WV. How you ask? I will tell you what Andy said! Back in the 1920's there were what were called the "Coal Wars" blah blah blah.. a bunch of other stuff, but turns out that some of them wore red hankercheifs around their necks... and that is where you get "red-necks!" GREAT.

So as for the state motto: Wild Wonderful West Virginia... That is what the "wild" means. As for the wonderful? Well, to me it means that I won't have to live here too much longer! For others... WV is a beautiful state, probably one of the most densly green areas in the country and not a whole lot of people here in the capitol- Charleston. One more wonderful thing... When WVU (that is west virginia state university) plays football.... it is like a holiday! That is when we go out and do our errands, it is pretty "wonderful!" And when it is all said and done and we are living back west coast style (if I have it my way it will be in Phx...) then the most wonderful thing about WV is Lucy, actually it already is... by the way in case you were wondering, she was born in Putnam County, and we live in Kanawha County (that is pronounced Ka-naw, go figure these people are so different). As for my history lesson for you all... we will have to get back with you after we meet with Andy again for our countertops!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Like Father Like Daughter!

So, I am a pretty consevative when it comes to alot of things, but parenthood has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and face the fact that not all Little Girls will be a" Little Lady" all of the time! We have been feeding Lucy oatmeal in the evenings at a desperate attempt to get her to sleep through the nights, (atleast 6 hours) so I can get my sanity back and feel like a rejuvinated woman! (I know poor, poor, Kristen your thinking... it's not that bad. I am just looking forward to a restful night, probably won't happen I am told until we're done having kids and they are teenagers, but I am HOPEFUL!) So, oatmeal and sweet peas were on the menu last night, and she had not had a BM in almost 24 hours And I knew it was coming... and it did! Like montezumas revenge! Straight into the shower we went!
So, prior to the blow-out she had been "passing gas" alot... So much that when it was family nap time on Sunday afternoon Ben and I were entertained for atleast 20 min listening to our sweet little lady rip them like a pro!
My sister sent me home with all sorts of books from Lucy's Book Shower in August, and one of the books was: "The Gas We Pass
The Story of Farts" by shinta cho. If you haven't had the chance to read this book to your children or just for yourself.... GO GET IT! This book had me rolling on the floor! Lucy was entertained and so was I. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our 1920's... Project!

This is what we ended up with after tearing out our kitchen flooring... Give it a few months- (when the remodel is complete) and it will look gorgeous. Until then, we are lucky to walk on this!Ben having fun... The flooring absolutely smelled horrible when we (Ben) took it out!

The white linoleum with green diamonds was what was on the top... 2nd layer was the confetti mess! Then down to the wood flooring. Surprisingly the wood is in fabolous condition, however we have spent hours scraping the paper backing off the wood from the first layer of flooring! Why People cover up beautiful wood flooring is beyond my comprehesion!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dinner time!

We fed Lucy oatmeal for the first time. She loved it!