Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our 1920's... Project!

This is what we ended up with after tearing out our kitchen flooring... Give it a few months- (when the remodel is complete) and it will look gorgeous. Until then, we are lucky to walk on this!Ben having fun... The flooring absolutely smelled horrible when we (Ben) took it out!

The white linoleum with green diamonds was what was on the top... 2nd layer was the confetti mess! Then down to the wood flooring. Surprisingly the wood is in fabolous condition, however we have spent hours scraping the paper backing off the wood from the first layer of flooring! Why People cover up beautiful wood flooring is beyond my comprehesion!


Taylor & Marisha said...

The wood is going to look so great. We miss you guys! Lucy is getting so big, and is so cute, we need to see her. Taylor went to Virginia last weekend, but it was a quick trip, he did want to come and see you guys though. How is life? When are you coming West? We need to plan another trip, even if it is meeting up in Utah and going to Bear Lake. We hope that all is well with you! Lots of Love. :)