Thursday, January 27, 2011

The lost city...

...well, let's start with this:
It is absolutely EVERYTHING that I expected it to be, and then some more....
a lot more.

I am a "picture taker" rather than a "photographer." I know very little about cameras or how to properly take photos, hence the world of "point and shoot" cameras for people like myself. (However, I did take a year of "photo" in 7th grade from Mrs. Morey, and she knew cameras.. and all that accompanies the camera world. And I did get an "A".)
So, as I was point and shooting around in the Bahamas, I captured some of the beauty this earth has to offer.

The ocean speaks to me.

It has always spoken to me.
As far back as I can remember, I have been a lover of water. When I feel that warm sun beating on my body and the softness that the sand below has to offer, and I look out upon the ocean, my thoughts begin to become clear and I begin to process differently. My breathing begins to pattern the flow of the ocean and clarity becomes part of me. It is wholly due to this that I believe my sweet husband encouraged and set it up with my sweet friend Cindy, for me to find my way down to this blessed place for a few days.

A while back I had what could be considered a "melt-down" which no doubt, scared Ben. I needed a time and place to get "lost", to get some clarity, and just be me. He delivered. Big time.
A small amount of guilt came with me leaving to such a beautiful place without my husband, but he is often aware of my needs before I can express them. He loves me. I know that. And I know that in a way that is far beyond sending me on a mini-vaca. Because even without any extra-ordinary-ness he still anticipates and is rarely wrong.

My lovely friend Cindy Patton and her husband Dave own the time-share where we stayed. Lucky me, to have such loving friends who invite me along on such outings!
We all had arrived by Sunday morning and first thing we did was go to church. Church was a wonderful experience. Same church, different people/culture. Still phenomenal. I swear I could have stolen a Bahamian baby, do you think anyone would notice? Nah.

Me, Juile, Chari, Cindy and Leslie
Leslie is perhaps the most hilarious person I have EVER met.

I couldn't resist this... hilarious!

The Harborside Resort, this is the Time-Share part of the Atlantis Resort where we stayed, this is only a few of the condos from the other side of the marina. Lucy was happy to know that we did stay in one of the Pink buildings.

Within the resort there are some ocean in-lets which allow you to snorkel and see some sea-life.

This was a really interesting statue/fountain of some flying fish.

This is me on the first night after arriving in the Bahamas, we walked the grounds of almost the entire resort... which is HUGE, like ridiculously huge. It was windy this night and quite chilly. However, that was the only night that was anything but perfect.
Here is a view of the main towers of the Atlantis Resort from the snorkeling area.
We were told that the "arch" between the two towers has a penthouse that Michael Jackson owned or still does? Anyways, it goes for $25,000 p/night with a minimum of 4 nights.
That is absurd.
I could buy someone a house- a decent house for that.
4 nights at the Atlantis is never worth that!

me in a bathing suit.

I spent a lot of time breathing.
I know I spend every minute of my life breathing. But I really let my breathing be more than filling my lungs.
It penetrated my whole being.
I cried.
I talked.
I listened.
I played.
I laughed.
I watched.
I grew.
I organized.
I loved.
I felt.
I sent out the negative into the ocean as it rolled away.
I took in all the good when the ocean rolled in.
I did very little.
I maximized.

I would do it again.
Exactly the same.