Thursday, December 30, 2010

A white Christmas

Christmas was wonderful and WHITE! Filled with a ton of gifts and a surprise visit (brought by Santa of course) from Grandma Carol and Papa Barker!
I love that Christmas falls at the end of the year. There is so much to celebrate always, but having Christmas at the very end of the year makes you reflect on not only why we have Christmas -the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ-, but it also gives us time to draw near family. The sentimental stimuli are always on alert and super sensitive for me during the holidays. Time goes by so quickly that I think it is important to have these special Holidays to stop and reminisce, while eating like Kings and Queens, opening gifts that mean so much, and looking at the new fallen snow.
It get's said, and heard over and over... but how do they grow so fast? How does this happen so quickly? I just want to press "pause." They are little still, but it is feeling like the little is slipping away ever so quickly. I don't want them to know that "Charlie," ( our special Santa's helper Elf) doesn't really have magic and can't talk. I wanted to do so many things this season. I told Ben while packaging Charlie ( short for Charleston or Charlie-West) up on Christmas eve night after he had made sure they were dreaming of "sugar plums dancing in their heads"- that I am going to have to start writing these little traditions down, so we can remember them from year to year!
I wanted to go caroling, I wanted to re-enact the Birth Story, I wanted to let them go give gifts to needy ones, I wanted to make more handmade gifts like doll clothes and wooden tool boxes! There are so many things that I wanted to do, but didn't. How do you fit it all in?

We did accomplish alot this Christmas season and it was all wonderful and sentimental. But I guess I will start pre-planning for next year and fill my calendar with daily activities to fit it all that I want to in!I am looking forward to the new year! This new year will bring many changes, good ones of course and a milestone birthday- 30 for me! We plan to accomplish a lot of things this year, a few of the items on the list include:


-no more night-time Pull-ups
-learning to throw- cause it's sad right now!
-turning *gasp* 4 years old!
-learning to confidently swim
-loving her Brother always!

-potty training
-giving up the Binka (binky/pacifier)
-throwing and catching a ball
-riding a trike
-turning *double gasp* 2 years old!
-trying to swim
-getting rid of the banging his head when mad
-in other words... using his WORDS!

-major career move into the Q-400 (still as a Captain!)
-re-committing to push-ups and crunches
-keeping his lovely, dear wife sane while moving (hopefully!)
-cheering on his lovely, dear, fantastic wife on as she attemps a marathon!

-saying goodbye to my twenties- (it's going to hurt my ego BIG time)
-that whole marathon thing at about the 30year mark.... OH DEAR!!!! ( might just be a 1/2?)
-cheering on her dashing, fabulous hubs as he transitions into the "Q"- that's a 6 week process!
-going to the Bahamas for a little "me" time before the "Q"
-finding balance in all that I do, keeping my priorities in line with what I know is good and right.

We have had a wonderful year here in Twenty-Ten, and look forward to Twenty-eleven!
May the new year bring you love and happiness, good health and determination.

In Omnia Paratus

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Thanks to the lovely and talented Shalece... we had a successful outing downtown Charleston yesterday for some good old fashioned Chrismas/Family pictures.
Here are some favorites!They do love one another!
The sun held out with some mild warmth for most of the day... thankfully!
The forecast has changed today and tomorrow will be much like last week.
Cold. Cold. COLD.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have written/typed a thousand things so far and keep hitting delete!
I guess we've been pretty busy. But "busy" seems to be a relative term.
I like the Holiday season, but I sometimes liked it a lot better when I reminisce about past years.
Like the year Ben and I were dating... I found some old picts of us when we visited his family and went out to Gig Harbor.

I just realized that I am still wearing those jeans... Yikes! and Sweeet!
I feel like we look so young then? It wasn't that long ago?

Then I came across picts of us that same year for "New Year's"
Who did I let cut my hair? NOT my sister... Wow! That was bad. But Ben looks GQ.

Hopefully my memory will pick this one up in the future too. Without a camera makes things tricky, but it's coming.. Santa spilled the beans! Wahhoooooooo!!!!!!!
We all had the "flu" this past weekend, and it seems as though I had it worse than anyone else. ?

I caught Lucy sleeping the other night and it is hitting me more and more that she doesn't look like this anymore, she does to me still, she is still so tiny, my baby. Even though she insists on the fact, sadly it is a "fact" that she is NOT a baby. I tell her she is my baby and always will be, but she says, No mom. I am not.
She still sleeps like this and that inFACT does make her my baby!
I have a thousand things on my list, and that's before Christmas begins. Hallelujah!
I 'll try to get some more up soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun times

We are busy busy busy... having fun with friends mixed with a little bit of serious business.

FOOTBALL all-Star in the making!
Or baseball... either way.
Your future's are bright little ones!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Fall

Monday, October 11, 2010


Lemme clarify a little bit of what some of you have interpreted my freight-train-of-thought major de-railment that not even I can follow sometimes...

I am NOT pregnant.
And I can prove it.... to those who need a little extra proof.

Lucy says to me this morning,"Mom, we have 2 coupons."
Me: We do sis? Okay.
Lucy: Mom we have blue and green coupons.
Me: What are you talking about doll?
Lucy: We have 2 boxes of coupons.
Me: Baby doll, show me what you are talking about.
Lucy: Opens the bathroom cabinet and points to the coupons.

SEE.... I told you I am NOT pregnant.
Cause we have

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 177 of 60 lbs

It is becoming VERY clear to me that I will in fact NOT reach my goal of losing 60 lbs in 6 months. However, I came to and have mentioned this realization a few times before and once again, I am OKAY with that. I have made, in my opinion, HUGE success and am going to keep on movin on!

I have reached the 1/2 way point and am happy to say that if feels really good! It also feels really good to know that I am not going to go back in the upwards direction- meaning prego- again for a while. It was at this point Post-Lucy that I was pregnant again with Peter. I was happy but was deeply hoping NOT to re-gain the amount of weight that I did with Lucy. No such luck.
Things here in the Barker household have been busy busy busy, but good! We are anxiously awaiting the Sale of our home and hope it comes quickly!

Swim lessons were a big hit for Lucy a few weeks ago and we are going to go with another session in a few weeks! She is a fish! Loves the water.... just like her mama! Maybe the fact that I labored in the water with her increased her LOVE for water! She is a natural and kicks her feet like a rockstar!
We are looking forward to the 4th of July and celebrating! ( Do you remember when our neighbor asked Ben if we celebrated the 4th? and I said " we're mormon, not British!" So yah.. we will be celebrating! the 4th is one of my favorite holidays!)
The humidity here in Charleston is in full swing and sometimes gets the best of me! But we are staying cool by getting some pool time in and frequent visits to the library! Oh and Popsicles.... LOTS of "pop-a-sicles!"

We have also been saying goodbye to GOOD friends... We are going to miss you Berrey's! we already do! Hope you are doing well in Oklahoma! One last trip to the Creperi for Elizabeth's farewell!
( ps. look at those calves on my little Lulu!- Grandpa will be so proud)I borrowed my neighbors camera to see if I really NEED a SLR camera.. and I do NEED one!

Here are a few picts that I took of some of our neighbors flowers!

I love this one of the trees and the flag in the background!

We are anxiously awaiting our trip out to Washington where we will go again for the 2nd year in a row to Coure D'Alene! Sometimes the knowing that we will be heading to the lake house is what keeps me going!

Peter got the "o.k" to be treated like a "normal" child again and a clear report from the Hematologist! We are pleased to know that our little peanut is healthy and well! Bruising now is not a concern anymore and unless we see any abnormal bruising or bleeding he is to continue normal activity! Yay buddy! So other than those horrible molars coming in and the need to "bang" his head on anything hard when he gets mad.. we are super happy!

That is a good re-cap of what we have been doing! I will be trying to update more and will give the final weigh-in next Monday!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 156 of 60lbs

Did I ever tell you how much
this girl?
We walked 4.8 miles this morning with the "B" girls.
Barker, Bright, and Berrey to exact.
And with all of our adorable babies!
We always attract attention in one way or another.
Today we attracted the kind of attention that was of the, "umm, that comment/compliment was a little uncomfortable and akward, and if you were actually attractive then maybe that would have been flattering but from you it was slightly creepy and weird"- kind of way.
You know?
Well, the almost 5 miles proved to be stretching it out for the kids a little and we ended up running the last 1/2 mile plus. Our legs were tired and feeling it towards the end but the weather was just too perfect to sell our selves short of soaking up every last bit.. and thus we did!
Happy sunny cool days to you!
And one more thing:
better show up tonight!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 150 of 60lbs

I bought a new nail polish color yesterday...

melon Sorbet.

It is divine. The perfect summer color. It looks adorable with my bronzed body. Ha

But with my brown rainbows it kind of "pops" and I like it. It's the little things you know.

Speaking of little things...

Lucy -little as she is- can belt out the chorus to the Beibster, you know that song that was like #1 on the charts for like six hundred days in a row... "Baby"

I have some video and I will post it when I get it onto the computer and off of my phone! It is absolutely hysterical and adorable and I just can't get enough of her doing it!

She also is doing lots of little naughty things... and my paitence is wearing extremely thin and has been lost at times. But we are trying and determined to succeed in our parenting efforts!

I woke up without a voice yesterday. And the only part of my voice that could be even remotely available for anyone other than dogs to hear was as deep as the pacific ocean on the worst stormy day. Horrible. Nasty.

I did however make it to the gym and it felt "oh so good" on my body. Today my quads are super sore from the billion squats I did. The scale was in my favor and it made things that much more energetic!

I watched Jillian's new show last night

"Losing It, with Jillian Michaels"

At first, I thought, wow this is pretty cool. Then it was a little intense, like really intense, really staged and a little akward to watch. And then it kind of leveled out and there was moments of tenderness. All in all, I think I will watch it again, but not very hopefull that it will make it too many more seasons.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day of 60lbs

I kind of fell of my bandwagon last night.
I drank a Diet Coke.
And it was lovely.... truly LOVELY!
The best part about it was that I know that I am just fine without it for long durations of time.
I don't want it quite like I used to. And that is wonderful.
I succommed to the temptation before 6 months but I am okay with that. I did experience a moment of weakness when I decided to open the can... but it ended with a sense of triumph of strength!

Back to business this week.- working out business. Jillian is calling my name to the gym and I got one of my fitness magazines in the mail with some pretty cool new ideas for toning for summer.

Is anyone else thinking about deleting Facebook? What is all the controversy? Should I take picts down of the kids? Delete conversations? Hmmm
I tried Craigslist for the first time advertising the sale of this house and now my inbox is flooded with what seems to be "fishy" emails. I am deleting them all.
Why is this world wide web so freaking awesome and downright horrible all at the same time?
Time to detox from FB, craigslist, blogger, email??????
My head is not only filled with conflicting thoughts of "how much is too much?" to share but the green snot that is blocking the sinuses is in the way too!!!
My kids are currently taking advantage of my computer time and have successfully unloaded every drawer full of clothes and all books- and there are alot of them- are on the floor in a humungous pile that they are climbing on with much enthusiasm. AHHHH summm!
Have a wonderful memorial day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

day who knows of 60lbs

I have seriously been slacking on my documentation of my weight loss goal, the weight is still dropping, ( not as quickly as I had hoped but either way, still on the decline!)

On another note... Summer seems to be in full swing.

We have successfully been without the heater for 3 weeks now and the air-conditioner is working mighty fine! The humidity is quite possibly going to drive me insane along with the mosquitos, but a little "Off" and it's go time!

I woke up a few days ago and read a blog that I have fallen in love with and decided just like Kelle, that this too was going to be a summer to remember! I love love love the sunshine, water and popsicles, oh and the baseball games (d-backs are the fav)! We have been soaking it up. all. week. and I have a thousand pictures to prove it. I will spare a thousand pictures but I will put up some favorites!

Waking up, watering flowers, a nice 5 mile walk with the ladies and babies, dips in the pool.
Sunshine makes for lovely long naps after lunch.

A little blonde haried 3 year old and the cutest red-headed 1 year old wake up with the most intense desire to go right back out for round 2 of water and sunshine. I just can't help it.... if there is sunshine and warmth... let's be outside.

There is always a scent of BBQ within range of my senses. Breathe in. Delish.

The smell of sunscreen lingers until bathtime and then we lather up with Burt's best! Nothing smells better on my babies!

I love sitting on the bed at night and feeling the coolness that the ceiling fan has to offer.

Summertime really is delightful!

There is sunshine in my soul.

So happy that this will stay around for a few months. We are going to soak it up!

Oh and one more "super" thing... I found a "Superman" shirt that is for Superman. I will snap a few shots of him in his aviators... take my breath away! Yum. Stay tuned for that one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 125 of 60lbs

Good morning Monday morning.
Mondays always start off so fresh and full of energy for me. And when the sun is shining it is that much more propelling into what lies ahead for the week.
Working people tend to fret Monday's coming... and although I am on round the clock duty, Monday is just that much more thrilling because it is a start to anew.
Sunday is our day to rest and that probably has a bit to do with how Monday can seem a little more thrilling.
So here we are Monday morning and I am feeling especially hopeful that I will do better.
I pleaded in my prayers last night that I might find the energy to accomplish the things that I have time to think about in my thoughts. I get these really motivated thoughts and excited about fulfilling them and then when it comes time to execute.. the energy is not as pungent as it was in my original thoughts.
So here is to my energy being full all week and able to accomplish the things that are important to me both physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. ( not necessarily in any order)
Happy Monday.... I am going to learn to play tennis today! Thanks to Jenny!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 115 of 60lbs

You know how sometimes your life swirls around you?

Well that seems to be what is happening to my life recently.

Except, I am present, and enjoying life rather than just letting it pass me by.

And thankfully so.

Don't get me wrong... some days are quite challenging.

Especially when you make visits to the Emergency room, or try to coordinate family picture outfits, or when the stubborness of a certain 3 year old is rooted so deep you have to dig your way to China to soften them up- everything is made in China nowadays right?- or when you have to try to keep the cutest Red head- who is just learning to toddle- from getting the slightest bump or fall. ( strict instructions from the above mentioned ER visit)

And then somedays are so exhilirating.

The days when I say to Lucy " your so gorgeous" (all dramatic like)

and she says "NOOOOOO your so GORGEOUS mama" ( I'll take it- dramatics and all)

When we get to go on super long walks with super awesome friends.

The days when we ride around the neighborhood and take in the beautiful-ness of these West Virginia hills, and the beauty that spring has to offer. Really not much can compare to this kind of beauty. Everything just seems right with the world when the spring is in full force.

I am in a good place right now, and although things are not as progressed as far a long as I would like them too with my goals as far as weight loss goes, I am okay with that right now. I am still on the losing track and am thankful that I am able to have some balance right now. Even if this takes me 8 months or 10 months I am going to keep on going. Because keep on going is what we have to do right?
When this life starts swirling... just keep twirling.
And that is just what I am doing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

to our first born.

Our sweet little blonde beauty.

Our sassy little doll babe.

Our little Lucy Lou.

Our sweet and sometimes REALLY sour BIG sister.

Daddy's little girl.

(tightly wrapped around her pinky)

Miss Independent.

The one that I look at and think,

"oh, this is what revenge is."
The one that I look at and think how could my life ever amounted to ANYTHING without you.

She is so many things. Beauty and Grace. Sass and Frass. Laughter and Seriousness-

just like her mama.

She still asks me to tell her about when she was a baby. I tell it to her the same every time.

She likes the part when I say she was kicking inside of me and I knew she was getting ready to come. Then I tell her about getting into the birthing tub and then she came out to meet us. Daddy held her in the pink blanket and we called and told everyone that we had a new baby girl named

"Lucy Ann"

We kissed her on her little button nose and then brought her home. Kona- the dog, sniffed her little face. -She especially likes the part when we pretend to be Kona sniffing her face.

She giggles and says ,"do it again!"

She has so much to live for and experience and we are so proud to be her parents.

We love you Lucy

Happy 3rd Birthday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 105-106 of 60lbs

I am writing this post this morning... but I am going to refrence yesterday. A little behind once again, but still... here I am just as promised.

Yesterday started out early. Not too early but I was putting on mascara and using the straightening iron 3 hours before usual so, early.

Superman had a tonsilectomy by Dr. Spork yesterday. I like the Dr.'s name so I thought I would give a shout-out. He was tall, white haired and wore really fancy white shoes with a surgery cap that had all sorts of hot sauce's printed on it. While I was waiting for superman to get out of surgery and holding the cutest red-head who was flirting with all the oldest people on the face of the earth in the 1day surgery center... we decided to take a walk to the Farmer's market. I browsed around and bought some Agave nectar and thought about buying Dr. Hotsauce some special tabasco. I ended up buying some really fancy rock-candy lollipops for the Princess' birthday on Friday... the man told me they were 60 cents each.... so I picked out 10. I then realized that I just spent 6 dollars on lollipops. Oh dear. Oh well... they are super cute.

Superman is recovering just fine and all went well.

Lucy was playing at J.J's house and he taught her how wiz outside like a boy... trouble is... SHE is NOT a boy. Hence, a new change of clothes and a strict "Lucy, you ONLY use the toliet." She gets it now. I think.

Then nighttime befell on us and brought a crisp breeze. So lovely. And then the smell of the rain. Ahh.

Dinner was over, baths were given, binkas in place and then snuggle time with songs and prayers. Out like a light.

Time for Biggest Loser.

***** NOT******

time for a phone call.

****ring ring ring****


Hi, you have the house for sale on 27th street and Shawnee Circle, is that right?

Yes, we do.

blah blah blah- a bunch of stuff about the house

This phone call was special though.

And not so much in a I have a feeling that this REALLY OLD GUY is going to buy it up paying with cash way, but more in a Ike Gamin sort of way.

You see I spoke with Ike Gamin last night for an hour and a half.

I know absolutely every possible thing about this man.

I know his 4 daughters names, their spouses names, where they went to college, how much money they had in their bank accounts, where they lived growing up, where they live now, who their mother is and when she died, that their mother was an alcoholic and a smoker, that NO MATTER what Ike did he could "NEVER please that woman!"even when she told him that she wanted to paint the entire 3rd story of their home PINK, so he surprised her while she was on vacation and had 4 painters come in and paint the entire 3rd floor pink- and when she came home she was NOT happy- she wanted a different color of pink- but "Lois, their is only one shade of pink." - not to her their wasn't. Now she wanted pink carpet to match. "Whatever you want" he told me, he told her.

Then Ike told me how he has found the most amazing woman in the world. Her name is Patricia. "I would jump off the Kanawha City Bridge at high noon if she told me too." She is so amazing. He bought Patricia a ring...not just any ring. A 2.5 karat emerald with another 3 total karats surrounding in diamonds that was a thirty-two thousand dollar ring. But he is a bargain shopper and only paid ten thousand for it. Patricia wont wear it on her 3rd finger on her left hand just the 3rd finger on her right hand. According to Patricia's daughter- who is Ike's homecare nurse- Patricia loves Ike but won't tell him. Ike won't ask Patricia to marry him until she starts showing some reciprocation to Ike's feelings and affections. By the way Patricia told me that I had better not call during one of her conversations with one of her girlfriends.

Patricia is the deciding vote here.

-sounds to me like Patricia is calling all the shots-

The house and street that Patricia lives on was formerly named something else. Until Mayor Danny Jones called her up one day and said we are going to rename your street to Belcher Street. Patricia and all of her children plus others in her extended family live on what is now known as Belcher Street.

( my gut tells me that Patricia will not want to move)

(a picture that I took today of Mayor Danny Jones at the Elephant walk this morning.)

I was a very VERY successful insurance agent, he told me. I won lots of awards. Top Agent of the year. The Blackjack dealers at Harrah's know me by name and I them. We have been to every major city in the United States and Las Vegas 7 times.

"Dear... don't be offended please by me calling you dear or honey.. it is a term of endearment, and I use it casually like Mr. or Mrs."

"I like you" he said over and over to me. I like to have conversations with intelligent people and especially those who know what they are talking about.

.....Are you tired yet?

I am .. and this is twice re-lived now.

Remember this went on for an hour and a half. But I actually had to be responsive.

and... oh and there is a HUGE and....

Ike doesn't hear very well. Not very well at all. So I had to talk at decibel three-thousand. the.entire.time.

My head hurt and kind of still does.

I barely made it back in time to see the final vote off of Victoria from Biggest Loser.

As tiring as the conversation was and as little hope that I have that Patricia will actually let Ike buy this house I think that I really liked my conversation with Ike. I like Ike.

He would be just the very thing that our neighbors have asked we NOT do... the neighbors want a young couple preferably with children. Not old people, not like the Dutchess who lives on the corner of Virgina and Shawnee Circle.- whom by the way is Ike's friend. Are you suprised? I didn't think so.

After I put my cell phone on the charging station I grabbed some kettle chips and had a few bites of ice cream.

I did not go to the gym. I did not eat well at all today- or for the last 3 if I am being honest.

I missed BL which is a motivator for me and I need a little push in the right direction to get me back on track.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 102 of 60lbs

So here I am.

I am back and promise to be a better blogger.

I can't believe that 30 days went by without me blogging my weightloss goal progress.
Although we were on vacation and I did post a couple of times I still have some major catching up to do!
Catching up is what I feel like I have been doing for the last week except it has been shoved into major OVERDRIVE!
We are selling our home.
So exciting and so crazy busy at the same time.
I have spent the last week cleaning and putting things away like a MAD woman. Superman hasn't stopped in 4 years though... so really in comparison I am a huge wuss!
Nonetheless.... this stress has brought on some weightloss as well!
Some funny things about being away for a while is this

#1 - you go back and visit family and since it has been 7 months since seeing them last, you have in fact lost weight and look better -everything except your hair that is in the depths of despair!
#2- you go and see the Queen of hair- my little sister Abbey (beener for short) and she makes you look like Gweneth Paltrow- haha yah right - but atleast makes you feel like your hair could rival her's!
#3- your newly cut bangs gives everyone the impression that you have lost alot of weight- even your superman hubs notices- and that is very impressive!
#4- you commence the year of giving your sweet little baby the nourishment of his life and suddenly your chest sinks in again

... so being gone for 3 weeks gives you a huge burst of self-esteem and validates once again how much I LOVE SPRING! .. especially in West Virginia.
And the Tulips.... oh the sweet beautiful tulips!
Maybe it is because they don't last very long, or maybe because they are just so perfect, or because they were the flower of my choice for our wedding.. or maybe because I have a dream of being in Holland someday wearing wooden shoes and feeling like I fit in with my blonde hair and blue eyes... whatever it may be I LOVE TULIPS!
As for weightloss.... I am still doing pretty good. I am a good distance away from my goal still and a ways off of my target but I continue to keep making progress and even being gone for almost a month I still came home with weight loss!Monday it is back to the gym time and start toning in areas that need some major toning for bathing suit season.

I do have a post coming soon about East Coast vs West Coast... so far the points are stacked against the East.. but we'll see in the end how it all ends up!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


we have been gone for a while now... 3 weeks exactly, from home.

We have been to alot of our other "homes."

Ben has been away from us for 2 weeks -back at "our" home.

Right this very second he is on his way out to San Clemente so I can see his gorgeous bod and he can give his littles some love.

I am going to miss the smell of the salty air. ALOT.

I could live here 100% of the time. For certain

But... I am dying to get back and see my tulips.

I wasn't expecting to be gone this long.... and I am dying a little inside about missing my tulips. They are so very precious to me. So beautiful.

I am also very excited to get back and see that spring has sprung...

I was really beginning to think that Charleston would never turn green again.

So, tomorrow we are on our way back to home.

It will be bittersweet

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to my sweetest little boy!

My life is nothing without my sweet children and I love them so very much.

I cannot hardly believe that 1 entire year has passed since I birthed my red headed Peter Ryan.

I was lying in bed the other night re-living the night/earlymorning that I went into labor. It is so very clear to me. I wish that I could go back and do it all over again. really. Some say it is hard. painful. excruciating. But I have a much different view on childbirth. I love it. I really do. I do not however love being pregnant. And maybe that is why I love the act of childbirth because it is a means to the end of having my body be taken over.

I really do love giving birth and I will do it again someday. It is exhilirating. The sense of accomplishment is indescribable. For those few moments in time nothing matters except you and your baby. And then... oh the sweetness of a brand new baby-your very own- you get to feel and kiss. And how there is nothing like it in the whole wide world. I love it love it love it.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you so much. You are the sunshine in my soul and a light unto the world.

(picture was from Peter's actual BIRTH-day... we are out of town and I can't post a current picture until next week!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a sneek peek

Of the giveaway that Candi won...

I went a little crazy and made 3 skirts... so one more ( not 2 cause I am keeping one!) lucky winner will be receiving a tres tres fancy skirt from little old me. Keep your eyes out for the postman or maybe even for me showing up.... you never know when I might need to see some sunshine!

Red goes with green, right?

I think so ...
for today anyways.

Happy St. Patty's Day

from my little leprechaun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 71 of 60lbs

I woke up this morning to a phone call at 4:08 am. My alarm was set to go off at 4:30 am to pick up the phone caller and take them to the airport. I normally wouldn't be so quick to take someone to the airport at such an insane hour but I have neglected my V.T duties for the last 2 months and was feeling extra guilty when superman offered. After all she is my responsibility not his.
So, I accidentally hung up on her as I was startled at the buzzing/loud ringing of my phone. I quickly called her back and said,"Good morning, Narumi!" (all excited as to hide my sleepy voice-which by the way never really works). The voice on the other end confused said "Narumi?"
Oh. Dear.
"Yes." she replied- not with a sleepy voice.
"I am so sorry... I meant to call Narumi because I have to take her to the airport."
"I am so sorry."
Katie kindly responded and said, "I was up anyways."-enter a million thoughts in my head in .2 seconds about how Katie is so perfect and now I find out she doesn't even need sleep? Who is this supergirl? How does she do it?-
"I am so sorry again. Go back to sleep- or not sleep but either way I am so sorry."

I called Narumi back and got the right number. Flight has been changed to tomorrow due to overflow of her connection in Atlanta.

Well. great.
Now it is 4:13am and I am awake. Not the sleepy sort of awake, the kind now where my voice is super NOT sleepy.
My blood is pumping and now and the covers are making me sweat cause the adrenaline has been going.
What do I do?
I tried fighting it for a while begging my consciousness to forget about being so abruptly interrupted, it wasn't happening.
Do I go downstairs and watch 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls? Do I just get up and put my gym clothes on and wait until 5 am and go to the gym? Cause that is what I was going to do after taking Narumi to the airport anyways. And I really only woke up 22 min before my alarm was going off anyways.

You know what I did... I went downstairs. I put in a movie- one of my favorites- Lucky 7 and fought myself back to sleep.
SHOULD have gone to the gym.
Because now I can't go today. I missed out and I did it to myself. All because of 22 min.
I told you I needed that spark back. And it came- it came 22 freaking minuets early, and I turned my head and ignored it. Dangit.
And now guess what... I have to do it all again tomorrow.
But I think sparky is back cause I know I have to work hard tomorrow to make up for today.
Lesson learned.
I did however manage to clean. And I mean REALLY clean up my house today. The construction around here- not really construction but lots of house projects- make for some interesting arrangements of furniture and other objects that needed to be put away for my sanity. Plus we are having Katie, her family and Katie #2 and her family over for dinner tonight. And I am making dinner for the Berrey's so I needed some order to this place.

We are headed to Sea-town on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! We need some vacation time and the kids need some Grandma/Aunt/Uncle/ Cousin-time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 69 of 60lbs

you're the

I will personally deliver this little lovely to you next week!
Sorry to the rest of you! I promise more when I muster up a few more hours in the day, which might be challenging since we lose an hour tomorrow... on second thought.. Candi, maybe you'll have to wait?

Working out has been hard this week. Not physically but mentally. I have gone to the gym everyday which is good for habit and repetition. But 2 of the days I have been there I get through about the first five minuets of my warm-up and decide I am done. Mentally something is just shutting down. I am dreaming of something else. I am out of the zone. I lose all sense of desire to be there and all intensity as well.
I usually push through for another 30 min and do some cardio... at half-attempt, but I just keep thinking I am going to come out of this haze and get back my drive right?
I am really banking on something by monday.
I don't know... we'll see.
Maybe I need a change up in routine? Maybe I need a partner in crime? Do you want to join Nautilus with me?

Last post I was a little hard on myself about my mentioning the weather I think. Thanks Nat for the comment about your Grandma and her always journaling about what the weather was for that day. It made me feel less crazy for the weather being such a big deal to me.
So count on the weather...well don't count on the weather... just count on seeing me blog about it sometimes.
Happy weekend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 66 of 60lbs

I have realized that the weather seems to be such a crucial topic for me to mention in my posts. I was reading through my old posts yesterday and thought... OMGosh... I am one of those weird old people that always talks about the weather because they have nothing better to do.

WHAT happened to me?
Has my blog turned into this?
I think that I need to be done mentioning things about whether (haha) or not the weather is good or not!
I am kind of annoyed with myself.
I am done.

How about that giveaway that I promised!

It is a skirt.
A really really cute skirt.
I will customize it for you.
Leave a comment.
That is it.

Oh and if you win... may I suggest some leggings... if you don't have any... go get some because this skirt looks really cute with leggings. And just fine without, but either way you'll find something to do with your leggings.

Oh one more thing... THE highlight of my day...
I got to go see baby Claire today. I got to hold her and smell that sweet newborn baby goodness. Congratulations to the Berrey's on such a doll babe!
(or as Lucy refers to her "Claire Straw- Berrey")

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 64 of 60lbs

I went to the gym this morning... 1/2 dragging my sorry butt 1/2 compeltely ecstatic about the weeks worth of upcoming weather that will re-enlighten my sunny Phoenix in-bread spirit.
Then when all was over at the gym... I practically skipped my way out the door because the sun was so bright the girl at the front desk needed some shades.
(Speaking of shades.. bought superman some aviators this weekend. SEXY.)

After showering I told Lucy that today we were going to spend most of our time outside and have a picnic. She too was beginning to elude that sunny disposition.

We packed up the RED wagon and headed down to the river. Lunch was mostly consumed by Peter and I ... Lucy was too busy pouring out my water bottle.

I am so very glad for this day. I think I might get the kids in the stroller and take a nice long long long walk/run to soak up every last ounce of sweet blessed sunshine. I needed this real bad.

I am still planning on the giveaway... just one thing... you have to have a google account to enter. SO all you peeps who say... "I have been reading your blog" sign in and leave a comment or you'll be left out. Trust me your gonna want this . TRUST me. My sister just BEGGED me to make her a hundred more.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 62 of 60lbs

I am still here....just took a 10 day sabbatical! Un-intentionally of course!
Our computer has been unplugged/turned off for some office renovation!
I am still here and doing just fine.
Things are going right along... I am a bit behind for "on-target" but still ahead in weight loss!
We are in this 2 months and 2 days already!


Did a little research on the Guarana and White Willow Tree Bark... it is good. It is healthy and it is safe. Not while nursing... but when I am done nursing I will be using it for sure.
Thanks for all the opinions/input! It was well received and helpful and encouraging!

And on another note, it is GORGEOUS and SUNNY today! I am like a little ball of energy and can hardly contain myself!

I read a post the other day that was simply life changing. Go read it. NOW.

Next week will be a better blogging week and I promise some good stuff. I am thinking about a little giveaway. Are you interested? Check back with me next week and be in it to win it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 52 of 60lbs

I am wanting to take some supplements, but every time I read the labels they say "consult a physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding"... luckily I am the latter! I am almost done... Peter is 11 months-on saturday- and he is becoming less interested. Sometimes.
I really am ready to be done. And wonder if he is getting much benefit as irregular as it happens anyways.?

We know a bunch of physicians... Maybe I will consult with them? Dave are you reading this? Cordell are you reading this? Cindy is your hubs reading this... or could you ask him? Gheesh... I know a few more... does anyone want to put their 2 cents in here?
I want to take a supplement called Guarana. Unfortunately, it contains caffeine (naturally)- don't judge too hard yet- take a look at the research and then decide. But I am worried about Peter.

I am feeling a little bit like my body is starting to "plateau"- I don't like that word in this context, but suppose it is true.
On the other hand I believe that I am a contributing factor to this plateau.
Will the supplements help? Will I be less hungry and have more energy? I don't really know.

Is it weak of me to reach out for something other than diet and exercise (that is safe/healthy)? I want to be an inspiration to myself and whomever else but does this make me less?

I don't know?

P.S. we are gerbil sitting. Gross. Double Gross.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 51 of 60lbs

I posted about what I love to put in my mouth yesterday. So, today I am going to give you a little of what I listen to on my purple i-pod!

LISTEN to the lyrics.

I told you they are A.W.E.S.O.M.E

I love the BEP's and Jillian, but you already knew that.

"Let's catch amnesia"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 50 of 60lbs

I found a new love.

and only 140 cals!

This will do when I am in NEED of some sweetness.

We had a good time in Columbus this weekend. Complete with a trip to Old Navy- we are without here in Charleston!- I know ridiculous huh? Exactly.
I found some super cute sunglasses for Lulu, Peter a hat- which is freaking adorable by the way, and Superman 2 pairs of jeans- that could be an entire post itself!
Nothing for me... I am saving my spending for 10 pounds later!- that'll hopefully be next month when we go to Seattle to have some Barker Boy Birthday bonding! 3 boys birthday's in 6 days! whoohooo!
Sea-town has much better shopping and hopefully I will be in a good place to buy some cute clothes that fit the way that I want them too!

The sun was bright and shiny yesterday and you could feel the 50 degree warmth on your skin! It was so nice. SO NICE. We even took a walk in the little red wagon. It'll get us through for a while... since there is no end in sight for warmer days again. I know spring is coming though because my tulips are about 2 inches above ground!
I will end with this quote:
" An optimist is the human personification of spring"- Susan J. Bissonette

I like it. I love it. That is good. Time to apply.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 47 of 60lbs

The sweet sun came out today.


I am better than yesterday thank goodness.
We watched the men's figure skating last night. I stayed awake to see Evan Lysacek and then fell asleep for Plushenko... Superman forgot to wake me up. I kind of was bummed but was glad that Evan won the GOLD!

Here is OUR future Gold medalist!

I am doing good. I weighed myself again today... thankfully the scale was working today, unlike yesterday, and I am MUCH much MUCH better! I am going to put that towards next weeks weigh-in since today technically is day 1 of the "new" week.

We are off to Columbus Ohio tomorrow to visit the Temple. We need it. Next month we are going to visit family in Seattle and go to the Temple in Bellevue- where we were married!

See you next week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 46 of 60lbs

The list was a success. 2 days in a row successful.

Then today came.
I was tired when I awoke.

I tried making it go away.

Then I got to the gym and was about to begin my warm-up on the treadmill, Crap! My purple i-pod is out of juice.

*** At that very moment it was so clear to me, "you have a choice to let this get to you, or not"... unfortunately, as much as I tried swimming out of the tide pool of "i am going to be okay without my music," it sucked me right in.

And then subsequently the rest of my day has suffered.
But not without a visit to the DMV-aka -deathville.

It took all my conscious to withhold the negativity in my brain not forming into words to the woman behind that cage. - you know they have those cages for a reason I am sure. I AM SURE.

I came home with a headache.

I wanted to take a nap, but the kids are on opposite nap schedules and when Lucy woke up Peter I lost my patience with her. I then apologized.

These non-sunny days are beginning to ware on me.

Oh, and I am NOT down any weight from last week.
Today I am feeling grim, and I want to throw in the towel.
If I am going to reach my goal, I have some serious catching up to do. I need to re-track my thoughts and power of positive-ness.

I am going back to the gym tonight... I need another 45min cardio buzz.
Maybe that will make it all better?

Tomorrow Tomorrow I'll be better tomorrow it's only a day away!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 44 of 60lbs

I made a list this morning.
A long list.
A list of things that I want to do today.
It started like this: I was at the gym early (around 7am), I thought instead of just looking at my circuit training routine I would actually read the book while on the bike. I have read through it before. It is really good. I mean REALLY good. I know that it is no secret that I LOVE Jillian Michaels, but she is truly a genius.
A few years ago I did a lot of "self-healing" and it goes deeper than just reading some books or talking nice to myself or about others. It was deep. I know myself better than I would like to at times but I do and I am proud of that.
Some days, I am haunted by old patterns and it totally sucks. Some days, I am aware of old patterns and don't care to change it back. Then some days I kick myself for being so blatantly disrespectful to myself and the work that I have accomplished. There is a learning curve.
Jillian really tapped into something again for me today. I got it again. This time for reals.
I have been avoiding things, people, ideas, promptings and that is regression. This will manifest in ways that I will be mad about "happenings to me later" and I am better than that. I am sorry.
Everything is a choice. Everything. No exceptions. That is deep.
So, the prompting came to make a list. Make a list of the things that I would like to do on a day like today.
The list includes:
-I want to spend quality time with my kids, NO TV
-I want to read 2 Ensign articles, and 2 chapters from the scriptures
-I want to do 2 loads of laundry
-I want to make a healthy dinner
-I want to put all the files from the file cabinet in to boxes- (the cabinet needs to go)
-I want to have patience ALL day with Lucy
-I want to meditate for 15 min quietly
-I want to start 1 project on our house to-do list
-I want to say both my morning and nighttime prayers

-I want to stay strict with my 1200 calorie intake- that is going to be fun since I just went to eat at the Creperie for Jenny and Katie's Birthday's
-I want to make a phone call to someone who needs to hear a cheerful voice
-I want to say kind words all day, to my body, to my children, to my husband, to anyone I speak to (even when talking about others)
-I want to go to bed by 10:30pm
-I want to turn away the negative and only let the good in my life
-I want to act in a way that attracts the good things that I deserve
-I want to put my intentions of a buyer for this home who will pay our asking price.

I now want to clean up what is left of the phone book since Peter just destroyed it while I am typing this up!

I have been dreaming of summer vacation. I am so ready for August.
Doesn't this look so relaxing.