Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 71 of 60lbs

I woke up this morning to a phone call at 4:08 am. My alarm was set to go off at 4:30 am to pick up the phone caller and take them to the airport. I normally wouldn't be so quick to take someone to the airport at such an insane hour but I have neglected my V.T duties for the last 2 months and was feeling extra guilty when superman offered. After all she is my responsibility not his.
So, I accidentally hung up on her as I was startled at the buzzing/loud ringing of my phone. I quickly called her back and said,"Good morning, Narumi!" (all excited as to hide my sleepy voice-which by the way never really works). The voice on the other end confused said "Narumi?"
Oh. Dear.
"Yes." she replied- not with a sleepy voice.
"I am so sorry... I meant to call Narumi because I have to take her to the airport."
"I am so sorry."
Katie kindly responded and said, "I was up anyways."-enter a million thoughts in my head in .2 seconds about how Katie is so perfect and now I find out she doesn't even need sleep? Who is this supergirl? How does she do it?-
"I am so sorry again. Go back to sleep- or not sleep but either way I am so sorry."

I called Narumi back and got the right number. Flight has been changed to tomorrow due to overflow of her connection in Atlanta.

Well. great.
Now it is 4:13am and I am awake. Not the sleepy sort of awake, the kind now where my voice is super NOT sleepy.
My blood is pumping and now and the covers are making me sweat cause the adrenaline has been going.
What do I do?
I tried fighting it for a while begging my consciousness to forget about being so abruptly interrupted, it wasn't happening.
Do I go downstairs and watch 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls? Do I just get up and put my gym clothes on and wait until 5 am and go to the gym? Cause that is what I was going to do after taking Narumi to the airport anyways. And I really only woke up 22 min before my alarm was going off anyways.

You know what I did... I went downstairs. I put in a movie- one of my favorites- Lucky 7 and fought myself back to sleep.
SHOULD have gone to the gym.
Because now I can't go today. I missed out and I did it to myself. All because of 22 min.
I told you I needed that spark back. And it came- it came 22 freaking minuets early, and I turned my head and ignored it. Dangit.
And now guess what... I have to do it all again tomorrow.
But I think sparky is back cause I know I have to work hard tomorrow to make up for today.
Lesson learned.
I did however manage to clean. And I mean REALLY clean up my house today. The construction around here- not really construction but lots of house projects- make for some interesting arrangements of furniture and other objects that needed to be put away for my sanity. Plus we are having Katie, her family and Katie #2 and her family over for dinner tonight. And I am making dinner for the Berrey's so I needed some order to this place.

We are headed to Sea-town on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! We need some vacation time and the kids need some Grandma/Aunt/Uncle/ Cousin-time.


elizabeth said...

If you're too busy to make dinner tonight, you can make it for us tomorrow. Honestly, Dave is in Columbus so it really doesn't matter.

Or, you just don't HAVE to make me a dinner. Either way, I'm glad you got some work done.