Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 62 of 60lbs

I am still here....just took a 10 day sabbatical! Un-intentionally of course!
Our computer has been unplugged/turned off for some office renovation!
I am still here and doing just fine.
Things are going right along... I am a bit behind for "on-target" but still ahead in weight loss!
We are in this 2 months and 2 days already!


Did a little research on the Guarana and White Willow Tree Bark... it is good. It is healthy and it is safe. Not while nursing... but when I am done nursing I will be using it for sure.
Thanks for all the opinions/input! It was well received and helpful and encouraging!

And on another note, it is GORGEOUS and SUNNY today! I am like a little ball of energy and can hardly contain myself!

I read a post the other day that was simply life changing. Go read it. NOW.

Next week will be a better blogging week and I promise some good stuff. I am thinking about a little giveaway. Are you interested? Check back with me next week and be in it to win it!