Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 66 of 60lbs

I have realized that the weather seems to be such a crucial topic for me to mention in my posts. I was reading through my old posts yesterday and thought... OMGosh... I am one of those weird old people that always talks about the weather because they have nothing better to do.

WHAT happened to me?
Has my blog turned into this?
I think that I need to be done mentioning things about whether (haha) or not the weather is good or not!
I am kind of annoyed with myself.
I am done.

How about that giveaway that I promised!

It is a skirt.
A really really cute skirt.
I will customize it for you.
Leave a comment.
That is it.

Oh and if you win... may I suggest some leggings... if you don't have any... go get some because this skirt looks really cute with leggings. And just fine without, but either way you'll find something to do with your leggings.

Oh one more thing... THE highlight of my day...
I got to go see baby Claire today. I got to hold her and smell that sweet newborn baby goodness. Congratulations to the Berrey's on such a doll babe!
(or as Lucy refers to her "Claire Straw- Berrey")


Tiffany Jeanne said...

Leaving my comment in hopes to win your skirt! :) We love the hair clippies, and even though V-day has come and gone, we still wear them :)


Rich and Mallory said...

FUN! I am loving your giveaway idea!!! So fun! I would love to win!

Can't wait to see you SOON!!! LOVES!

Natalie said...

in every single one of my great grandma's journals that she wrote in almost every day, she first (and foremost) wrote about the weather. And i love it. If it matters to you write about it:). Now give my skirt. j/k i love you.

Taylor, Marisha, and Bryn said...

Excited to see a picture of this skirt. :) When are you moving west?

Travis said...

That was a mean trick... to talk about the Claira Straw-Berrey and have a link with no pics of the baby... :P

Anonymous said...

This means I want a skirt.:)
Love ya!

Annie O. said...

I agree with Travis. Love what they named that baby!! I also think a lot more comments than I post. I love your blog.

Katie said...

count me in!

elizabeth said...

Awww thank you Kristen. And believe me, it was the highlight of my day too. I just got back from a ten minute stroll around the neighborhood. It's so nice to breathe in some fresh air.