Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 64 of 60lbs

I went to the gym this morning... 1/2 dragging my sorry butt 1/2 compeltely ecstatic about the weeks worth of upcoming weather that will re-enlighten my sunny Phoenix in-bread spirit.
Then when all was over at the gym... I practically skipped my way out the door because the sun was so bright the girl at the front desk needed some shades.
(Speaking of shades.. bought superman some aviators this weekend. SEXY.)

After showering I told Lucy that today we were going to spend most of our time outside and have a picnic. She too was beginning to elude that sunny disposition.

We packed up the RED wagon and headed down to the river. Lunch was mostly consumed by Peter and I ... Lucy was too busy pouring out my water bottle.

I am so very glad for this day. I think I might get the kids in the stroller and take a nice long long long walk/run to soak up every last ounce of sweet blessed sunshine. I needed this real bad.

I am still planning on the giveaway... just one thing... you have to have a google account to enter. SO all you peeps who say... "I have been reading your blog" sign in and leave a comment or you'll be left out. Trust me your gonna want this . TRUST me. My sister just BEGGED me to make her a hundred more.


Natalie said...

leave a comment here? now? would i be greedy if i said that i want whatever it is you are giving away even though i have 3 ADORABLE heart hair clippies from you already? well consider me greedy:). glad that you had a fun sunny day. It is cloudy here and i am having the happy feelings you are. Give me a cloudy day in phoenix any day!

elizabeth said...

I keep hearing about these beautiful days outside. My mom even left the hospital to go for a walk outside while I was sleeping.

Wish we could go for a walk together. :(