Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 26 of 60lbs

I am getting a little anxious about losing the 3.8lbs in the next 6 days.

It is times like these when I need help on balancing my food intake with appropriate calories and nutritional value.
I know it is possible to lose the weight... people on BL do it all the time, although I know I don't have as much to lose as some of the contestants, I still know it is possible.

I am still nursing which throws another curve ball to the mix.
There is a trainer at the gym that is awesome.
I really want her to train me.
I would obey her.
{ I promise.}
But then I just read my quote of the day calendar and it says,

"I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time." -Anna Frued

I watched the Suns game highlights on ESPN at the gym this morning and it was nice to see the win last night. We were lucky enough to get it broadcast out on the east coast. I was texting my dad throughout the game. I sent a text that said, " mess up so I can see you on T.V."
He text back with " love you guys."
Well, it was worth a shot right?
( my dad does the score board and/or the 24 second shot clock for all the Suns games)
Pretty cool to see your dad on T.V sometimes.

A huge snowstorm is coming tonight... I REALLY hope it snows more than 5 inches... because then Superman wont have to fly tomorrow morning! I really don't like this cold weather, but I guess it could have some benefits.

I am going to organize the house today.
I just started laughing after typing that sentence. But really I am going to try.
And then I am going to get out my sewing machine and GO. GO. GO.
I whipped up some cute little V-Day hair clippies that I am sending to some lovely people.
Infact... if you want one, and you will cause they are TO DIE FOR CUTE! Then leave me a little comment and I am going to pick one lucky person to send a little valentine to!
Who knows... maybe even 2 peeps!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 24 of 60lbs

We returned safely from Charlotte!
We had so much fun with the Lenzi's!

Lucy and Katelyn are getting better... although I am pretty sure we had some serious PMS going on with the dolls for a day or 2!
Makes for some real interesting situations!

I indulged while on mini-vaca.
We ate at Melting Pot... it was DELICIOUS,
just how I last remembered it.
We ate cinnamon rolls and frozen yogurt at IKEA
and I bought some new pillow covers for our couch pillows.

Oh, and we had Chinese... I have been craving it, and superman doesn't like it unless it is from Panda Express... and let's face it, that resembles NOTHING like chinese!

I was certain that I had blown my caloric intake all but 1 day....
But I was aware of my choices.

I hopped right back into things when I returned home and the scale didn't hate me that much.
I am
1.2 lbs

Not too bad considering my indulgent ways!?!

I still have some work to do to catch up... I have 3.8 lbs to lose before the 4th of February- basically in 7 days to stay right on course.
The gym felt good after having 5 days off.
It is getting easier in many ways, harder in others.

The poll ended while I was in CLT.... so here you go.

This is me being REal! So easy on the criticism....
this is taking alot of courage.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 17 of 60lbs

I worked out later than normal today.

I REALLY prefer working out in the mornings.
All the weird-o's come out in the 4-6pm hours.

If gym NAzI wants to talk gym etiquette with me then I am going to challenge her to come between those hours.
I feel like the gym should have posters up about how to dress appropriately.

Too many guys with too many lbs left to lose trying to look like they belong on "Jersey Shore"
(I haven't seen it yet, but it is all the buzz in all the trashy magz that I shuffle through while standing in line at the grocery store- and on Chelsey Lately). And seriously who wears jeans while they are working out? Pah-lease!

Too many women trying to look like they can pull of some skimpy little numbers that they are clearly NOT ready for!
And why does everyone smell like they just bathed in some $2 clearance body spray?

I am going to stick to my morning ritual from now on.

I stayed away from the cookies today.
I am off to North Carolina tomorrow to see my favorite Lenzi family!
Let's hope the girls can get along and the boys too!

"GTL" -out!
(minus the "T")

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 16 of 60lbs

The Gym NaZI wasn't at the gym this morning!
Thank goodness.

About 2 months ago I made a double batch of THE best chocolate chip cookies... I have had the cookie dough in my freezer until I saw it in the refrigerator on Saturday night.
I asked Ben, " is the cookie dough in the fridge a hint?" He smiled and said, "yes, but we don't have any ice cream."
You see... since I have started my good eating and strict exercise... I have slowly weeded out and not bought anymore sweets.
I made the cookies last night.... they weren't very good.
Doubling the batch is not a good idea. Making 2 batches would have been a better idea and then combine them into one container.
But the thing is... there they were sitting on the counter all day long. They were flat, not like my usual fluffy ones, so I thought, "they are so thin, it wouldn't hurt that much to have one"
Well, then one turned to two, and then three.
This was exactly why I hadn't un-thawed the dough and made the cookies.
Back to the gym tomorrow HARD CORE and I will do better I promise!

On another note... it was 50 degrees here yesterday and today! I took the kids for a ride in the
Red Wagon. It felt really good.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 15 of 60lbs


I feel good about that number!
In 14 days I have lost 5 lbs!
I feel
good about that number!

On another note:
I met the
this morning.
What a treat that was!
Just to give you a run-down of the event....
I woke up early to go to the gym today so Elizabeth and I
could still do our "mall-walk" at 8:30.

So, I was up at 7 and out the door to the gym.... I just finished my warm up- which by the way felt exhilarating after stepping on the scale and seeing the 2.4!
I proceeded over to the free-weights, which by the way is about the size of a volleyball court... nice size.
NOT A SOUL was there when I started.
I was in the ZONE with my purple i-pod shuffle of course.
I was about 1/3 done with my circuit from my bible aka Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut"
when little miss Smarty Pants interrupts me ...
"are you using the 15lb weights right now?" to which I replied while LOOKING very directly over to the other rack of weights where another set of 15's were and said ,
"Um, no. Not right now"
She then lectured me on "gym etiquette"
"you know I don't mean to be so forward, but has anyone gone over gym etiquette with you? Because you shouldn't gather all of your stuff up and keep it to yourself. Other people might want to use those things and you shouldn't have these things out if you aren't using them right away."
(there were only 2 people now in the free weight area)

Do you know ... I had this look on my face like are you really going to bother me at 7:30 in the morning when I had like less than 3 hours of un-interrupted sleep last night?
And then I said, " thank you."
Kristen, you idiot!
I know.... I really wish sometimes that I could say the right thing... at least the things that come to my mind for the next 12 min after being lectured by Gym NaZI.
(she was one of those old women who have nothing better to do with their time than correct people)
So annoying.
Let me tell you though... I was fired up and I took it out on my workout!
So it was rather productive.

And there you have it... I must be doing something right because I feel good and the numbers are dropping, even if I have Gym Nazi breathing down my neck.

Little baller

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 12 of 60lbs

It is really nice that the weather is warming up these last few days! I never thought I would be so excited to see the 40's! I still like to wear my flip flops in this insane weather, it kind of makes me hopeful that the warm days will return soon!

I went to the gym really sore today. I have been doing the workouts from Jillian's book back to back when I should be resting in between.... so, I did cardio only today! It was actually really nice and kind of a break! I could focus on more intense cardio because I wasn't so whooped after my interval training!
The masses are starting to dwindle at the gym and I think it is kind of funny.

Eating is still a chore.. and by that I mean getting the right balance!


Tonight we went to the Walbeck's for dinner, they are like my #1 fans for this weight loss
-as far as I can tell anyways-
and they made dinner special for ME! They are so sweet and we are so thankful to have them as good friends here in WV! After dinner Amy and I went to their community gym/pool/rec-house that is

Someday, I hope to own a house that can have that kind of set-up in it full of the essentials in workout equipment.

We had a lot of fun, and the night ended with Lucy wetting herself and borrowing a pair of Lexi's pants to wear home!

So embarrassing.

Peter has his top 4 teeth coming in and it is a BEAR!
I feel so bad for my little boy-we call him "bigs" around here!

I did take a before picture.. actually Ben took it, I made him take like a thousand re-takes and he got really annoyed but whatever. Still undecided as to whether or not I am going to post... so go on over to the right hand side bar and vote away...
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 10 of 60lbs

Another day.
I am feeling good.
I love the Biggest Loser.
Bob and Jillian are amaz-a-zing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 9 of 60lbs

Today was fun at the gym....
I took my book
"Losing It"
by Jillian Michaels

If you want to get your world
then I suggest you pick up this little number and have a stab at it!
She is a MAD woman and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
I only cycled through the circuit 1 time,
but WOW.... it was super fun!
I put on the same jeans that I have been wearing lately... surprisingly they felt a little looser in the legs today!
It is working! It is working!
I made super yummy quesadillas tonight with whole wheat tortillas, black beans, shredded chicken with Ro*Tel and a little bit of cheese. They were super yummy and I calculated it out at about 350 cals.
That is pretty good I think.
I was full and 100% satisfied. I will most definitely be making those again... soon!
I haven't taken picts yet but I am going to ... I think that I will appreciate the transformation much more. As for posting them... NOT going to happen until I am confident enough.
(that may be never)
I am still focused and feeling really good!
If this stinkin snow would go away and warm weather return then I could do a little more outdoor activities which would help shed more cals... but 'tis the season!
Target already has bathing suits out... Seriously?
It is 11 degrees.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 8 of 60lbs

that was the magic number on the scale this morning!
I was pretty excited to see that
in weight, in 1 weeks time.
I will admit that I was hoping for more, but don't get me wrong, that is a good number and I am ecstatic!

marks one week since starting my 60 pound goal.
The weekend was pretty good, although I did eat some pizza on Saturday night and I am confident that my body was fighting me HARD. I didn't do well for the rest of the night and I had stomach pain through the night which made it a bit uncomfortable to sleep.
I am amazed at how much my body is responding already to this change in diet and exercise.
I have always been really active and athletic, so the exercise is not "new" to me or my body but the nutrition is something that I have to work much harder at.

Thank you to those of you who are being so supportive and encouraging! It really helps.
Much love

Friday, January 8, 2010

Midnight Confessions of an Airline Pilot

I did a post on
"Midnight Confessions of an Airline Pilot"
about 2 years ago and I thought I might do another.. maybe make this an ongoing sort of thing.. I don't know...we'll see!
Anyways, we were laying in bed the other night and talking.
Ben starts to tell me a story about something or other when I interrupt.... as I so often do- to ask minor silly details that matter to me, not him- I wanted to know who he was flying with the next day, he rattled off their names and then I said, "Hey, why is Alicia suspended?" He laughed, and said.. "How is it that you know my flight attendant is suspended?"
I laughed and said " facebook, Hello!"
It was funny.
So, I asked what happened to her and why she was suspended and he told me what is was-I don't remember now- but what he told me next was absolutely
This same aforementioned flight attendant one time was suspended. Why you ask?
After landing in D.C the crew (Ben was not one of the pilot's) went into the airport to get a bite to eat.
Upon returning to the airplane they found a passenger still in the airplane!!!!!!!!!!
He had been asleep and she-the FA- didn't check the plane before leaving and shutting the door!

So funny.
It wasn't some crazed old lady or young child, it was a 20 something guy and he was just fine.

I just find that so funny. SO. Funny!
The FA is lucky she didn't get fired!

Day 5 of 60lbs

Today was just an ordinary day, and by that I mean... it is seriously COLD and still A LOT of snow on the ground! I use the term "ordinary" very loosely because nothing is really ordinary here in Charleston West Virginia.
Here in the Capitol City.. which by the way I can see the Capitol Building in all it's Gold glory right outside my bedroom window (it is quite stunning really), there are only around 40-50,000 people, so with that you wouldn't expect to see much variety.. well, let me tell you,
There is lots of variety, and some not-so-pretty variety too!
The way the weather changes here is absolutely a mystery... I think that the "weather-ologists" earn their degrees here in Charleston because it is so unpredictable!
Seriously.. it read 11 degrees on my temp gauge in the car today and tomorrow it could very possibly be 60 degrees.
NO joke.
That is how extreme things can get here in Charlie west. (that is the pilot's code for Charleston)
Anyways... as for staying on track with my 60 lbs.. I am still at it in full force!
Things are shaping up quite nicely I think!
Eating has been my biggest struggle so far... I am finding that it is becoming a LARGE task to eat 4 times a day and getting in the proper balance of nutrition and calories.
The only thing that I had before 11 am was some peppermint tea.
I did make turkey burgers for dinner and even Superman liked them! I ate mine with only the bottom of the bun and a little ketchup! pretty yummy.
I did buy some really good granola at the store the other day and have been snacking on that when I am in need of some cals.
I am excited for Monday to come so I can do my weigh-in!
Still debating on the whole picture idea.. hmmm????? To do or not?
Maybe I will wait until Monday to see how much I have lost this week and then decide

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 of 60lbs

The sun came out this morning and the snow began to slowly melt away. Peter cried for an hour last night so when Superman came home from work I went to the gym while they napped together. Lucy wanted to come and play with the toys at the gym... it is a small little nursery and the little old lady named Libby who works there, is a true gem! She is so nice and there are hardly ever more than 1 or 2 children in the nursery. So, I said to Lucy, get your coat and shoes on and let's go babe!
She had fun.
I did cardio.
It was pretty fun too! I kept repeating the same songs over and over on my iPod shuffle, which is purple and I love it. The people around me probably think I am slightly neurotic because I mouth the words to my songs with
It helps me stay in
{the zone}
(She is my hero and in {the zone} model)

I saved my calories for dinner tonight.
That was a bad move.
I will not do that again, probably.
After the gym Lucy and I went to get the car washed.. and by that I mean, I went to a
do-it-yourself car wash place just to rinse the dirt/snow off the expedition.
About 2 hours later it started snowing again and it hasn't stopped since.
So, after dinner we went outside and made snow angels and Lucy sprinted up and down our street.
She is so awesome.
I hope Peter sleeps tonight... I don't like to "cry-it-out"... that is torture!
Oh yah.. I have been called to jury duty!
Only one minor detail....the trial is 8 weeks.
HOW am I going to get out of this mess?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 of 60lbs

It is still snowing here....
but when it starts melting so will my thighs hopefully!
The gym was good to me today.
I started with a warm up on the treadmill, interval training with side steps, backward walking, practically jogging at an incline of 15, and heavy panting to follow.- again, that was the warm up.
I had to stretch for a long long long time today... my muscles are really tight.
The free weights have always given me really good results.... so, to the free-weights I went!
I ended with a 20 minute battle on the elliptical and got bored... so I finished on the bike.
Superman massaged the back of my legs tonight- sounds dirty- it wasn't.
I promise.
My sugar craving is rapidly declining... thank goodness!
I am thinking about taking a before picture before it gets too deep into this... but with the
amount of

that I have for looking at pictures of myself who knows when that will happen?
I am going to bed early tonight...
I am tired.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 of 60lbs

Today wasn't so bad....
The headache from yesterday finally went away.
I like sugar, scratch that. I LOVE sugar.
If there were Food love languages, sugar would be mine.
I also am off Diet Coke.
- my sister is going to read this and be screaming happy.-
I am off all soda in fact for the 6 month duration, not even as a "treat", but does sparkling water count?- not to me.
My legs are sore, and tired. I actually went to the gym 2 times today.
It felt pretty good.
I am keeping my calorie consumption to around 1200.
What that looks like is this: 2 scrambled eggs with a 120 cal tortilla for breakfast. After workout-protein shake, Lunch=cabbage salad and piece of whole grain toast, for a snack I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter with 3/4 cup of dry wheat chex. Dinner=homemade chicken salad and cabbage salad.
Eating this many times a day is a lot of work!
No food after 8pm.
I did drink a cup of peppermint tea. yum.
That was the day in a nutshell...
plus it is still snowing here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 of 60lbs

60 pounds is a lot of weight...
{I AM}
going to lose that
in 6 months.
And today marks day

The few I have told it too have given a smirk, a gasp, a "it won't happen", and an "ok, I am with you all the way" ( that being from my superman hubs)... you see it helps to have superman by your side encouraging you... rather than dis-couraging you in this seemingly challenging undertaking. But... when I told my mom... she simply said, " Do you really know how much body percentage that is?" I replied, "Nope. and I don't care." -you see I will be careful and I will do it appropriately but in that moment the determination was at a strong point, quite possible {THE} strong point- She then quickly came back with " oh, you have the stubborness of your mother and the determination of your father."- a deadly combination I tell you- DEADLY.
I am not that great of a blogger... but after watching "Julie and Julia", I thought... you know... this could be a great way to hold me accountable and maybe obtain some fans/readers to help and encourage me along on this journey. I am going to try and post often... I would like to say daily- atleast 5 days a week, but there is no telling what lies ahead. So, before I make too many promises I will try and do my best and post often.
I really like her... she is an inspiration to me in so many ways ( minus the playboy posing and singled out days)