Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 17 of 60lbs

I worked out later than normal today.

I REALLY prefer working out in the mornings.
All the weird-o's come out in the 4-6pm hours.

If gym NAzI wants to talk gym etiquette with me then I am going to challenge her to come between those hours.
I feel like the gym should have posters up about how to dress appropriately.

Too many guys with too many lbs left to lose trying to look like they belong on "Jersey Shore"
(I haven't seen it yet, but it is all the buzz in all the trashy magz that I shuffle through while standing in line at the grocery store- and on Chelsey Lately). And seriously who wears jeans while they are working out? Pah-lease!

Too many women trying to look like they can pull of some skimpy little numbers that they are clearly NOT ready for!
And why does everyone smell like they just bathed in some $2 clearance body spray?

I am going to stick to my morning ritual from now on.

I stayed away from the cookies today.
I am off to North Carolina tomorrow to see my favorite Lenzi family!
Let's hope the girls can get along and the boys too!

"GTL" -out!
(minus the "T")


Dr. Carroll said...

Geez Kisten, you are in W. VA what did you expect. ON the other hand you go girl, keep up the good work.

elizabeth said...

I hope I smell better than some of the people there. And I don't think it's only the gym where people in WV try to pull off clothes that are way to small on them. However, it's probably a lot worse staring at their backside on a treadmill for an hour.

I hope you having fun in Charlotte.

mary.liz said...

Wha??? You better be making your way to RDU one of these days! :)

So who is gym Nazi...I'm trying to picture her!?