Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 of 60lbs

The sun came out this morning and the snow began to slowly melt away. Peter cried for an hour last night so when Superman came home from work I went to the gym while they napped together. Lucy wanted to come and play with the toys at the gym... it is a small little nursery and the little old lady named Libby who works there, is a true gem! She is so nice and there are hardly ever more than 1 or 2 children in the nursery. So, I said to Lucy, get your coat and shoes on and let's go babe!
She had fun.
I did cardio.
It was pretty fun too! I kept repeating the same songs over and over on my iPod shuffle, which is purple and I love it. The people around me probably think I am slightly neurotic because I mouth the words to my songs with
It helps me stay in
{the zone}
(She is my hero and in {the zone} model)

I saved my calories for dinner tonight.
That was a bad move.
I will not do that again, probably.
After the gym Lucy and I went to get the car washed.. and by that I mean, I went to a
do-it-yourself car wash place just to rinse the dirt/snow off the expedition.
About 2 hours later it started snowing again and it hasn't stopped since.
So, after dinner we went outside and made snow angels and Lucy sprinted up and down our street.
She is so awesome.
I hope Peter sleeps tonight... I don't like to "cry-it-out"... that is torture!
Oh yah.. I have been called to jury duty!
Only one minor detail....the trial is 8 weeks.
HOW am I going to get out of this mess?


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

You go girl! I'm also trying to lose the rest of the, um, baby/stress/christmas weight :) Good luck and I'll be thinking good thoughts for you while I'm also at the gym!

Travis said...

You have pick up some more fans to stand behind you... We have that little gym at our club house too if you ever want to call Amy and come up to our place to workout... She and I have been going after dinner the last few weeks and working out for an hour or so, WOW it is amazing how much better you feel in the morning. Keep it going...

You guys are awesome...!!

Kristen said...

Thanks guys!