Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 of 60lbs

Today was just an ordinary day, and by that I mean... it is seriously COLD and still A LOT of snow on the ground! I use the term "ordinary" very loosely because nothing is really ordinary here in Charleston West Virginia.
Here in the Capitol City.. which by the way I can see the Capitol Building in all it's Gold glory right outside my bedroom window (it is quite stunning really), there are only around 40-50,000 people, so with that you wouldn't expect to see much variety.. well, let me tell you,
There is lots of variety, and some not-so-pretty variety too!
The way the weather changes here is absolutely a mystery... I think that the "weather-ologists" earn their degrees here in Charleston because it is so unpredictable!
Seriously.. it read 11 degrees on my temp gauge in the car today and tomorrow it could very possibly be 60 degrees.
NO joke.
That is how extreme things can get here in Charlie west. (that is the pilot's code for Charleston)
Anyways... as for staying on track with my 60 lbs.. I am still at it in full force!
Things are shaping up quite nicely I think!
Eating has been my biggest struggle so far... I am finding that it is becoming a LARGE task to eat 4 times a day and getting in the proper balance of nutrition and calories.
The only thing that I had before 11 am was some peppermint tea.
I did make turkey burgers for dinner and even Superman liked them! I ate mine with only the bottom of the bun and a little ketchup! pretty yummy.
I did buy some really good granola at the store the other day and have been snacking on that when I am in need of some cals.
I am excited for Monday to come so I can do my weigh-in!
Still debating on the whole picture idea.. hmmm????? To do or not?
Maybe I will wait until Monday to see how much I have lost this week and then decide


Abbey said...

im so proud of you and how come you havent told me this on the phone. By the way im dieting too and we snowboarded today and my whole body is so sore that i cant get off the couch right now my legs won't move

Natalie said...

wow kristen! I am proud of you. not just for losing weight but for blogging [a LoT!]. That is some serious dedication on both parts and your mom is right:). you've got some fight in you, to say the least:). i vote for a picture or two, please. And tell superman, er, thor, that is, that i appreciate how great he is to support you in such a task. miss you!