Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 16 of 60lbs

The Gym NaZI wasn't at the gym this morning!
Thank goodness.

About 2 months ago I made a double batch of THE best chocolate chip cookies... I have had the cookie dough in my freezer until I saw it in the refrigerator on Saturday night.
I asked Ben, " is the cookie dough in the fridge a hint?" He smiled and said, "yes, but we don't have any ice cream."
You see... since I have started my good eating and strict exercise... I have slowly weeded out and not bought anymore sweets.
I made the cookies last night.... they weren't very good.
Doubling the batch is not a good idea. Making 2 batches would have been a better idea and then combine them into one container.
But the thing is... there they were sitting on the counter all day long. They were flat, not like my usual fluffy ones, so I thought, "they are so thin, it wouldn't hurt that much to have one"
Well, then one turned to two, and then three.
This was exactly why I hadn't un-thawed the dough and made the cookies.
Back to the gym tomorrow HARD CORE and I will do better I promise!

On another note... it was 50 degrees here yesterday and today! I took the kids for a ride in the
Red Wagon. It felt really good.


Natalie said...

love it. you fall of the wagon and then put your kids in and have fun with them. you're a good mama kristen:). xo

mary.liz said...

That is so cute! Allow yourself a treat or two once in a while otherwise you won't be able to stick to it anyway!

You're doing so well and you'll get there no matter how fast! You've got determination and will power like nobody I know, so go easy on yourself! :)

It is ironic that you bake these cookies and the word verifier reads: "ovency"

I'm having this baby and I'm right there with you...with you as my motivation! :)

You can do it! (Though personally I don't think you should lose that much...you'd be Kate Moss Barker then!)

Dr. Carroll said...

Tell her to take her etiquette and well you know what to say. Be quick witted and just tell her to go back to sleep for a while she will look better and it will probably improve her mood.