Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 of 60lbs

It is still snowing here....
but when it starts melting so will my thighs hopefully!
The gym was good to me today.
I started with a warm up on the treadmill, interval training with side steps, backward walking, practically jogging at an incline of 15, and heavy panting to follow.- again, that was the warm up.
I had to stretch for a long long long time today... my muscles are really tight.
The free weights have always given me really good results.... so, to the free-weights I went!
I ended with a 20 minute battle on the elliptical and got bored... so I finished on the bike.
Superman massaged the back of my legs tonight- sounds dirty- it wasn't.
I promise.
My sugar craving is rapidly declining... thank goodness!
I am thinking about taking a before picture before it gets too deep into this... but with the
amount of

that I have for looking at pictures of myself who knows when that will happen?
I am going to bed early tonight...
I am tired.


The Booher's said...

WOW go Kristen! Im excited for you and best of luck, although from your pictures I dont see that you have 60 pounds to lose. You must want to be 80 pounds! ha!

Kristen said...

Oh... thanks Buffy! 80lbs ... hardly! But..I still have some pregnancy weight to lose. It didn't shed off like it did with Lucy.
I hope you are doing well!