Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 of 60lbs

60 pounds is a lot of weight...
{I AM}
going to lose that
in 6 months.
And today marks day

The few I have told it too have given a smirk, a gasp, a "it won't happen", and an "ok, I am with you all the way" ( that being from my superman hubs)... you see it helps to have superman by your side encouraging you... rather than dis-couraging you in this seemingly challenging undertaking. But... when I told my mom... she simply said, " Do you really know how much body percentage that is?" I replied, "Nope. and I don't care." -you see I will be careful and I will do it appropriately but in that moment the determination was at a strong point, quite possible {THE} strong point- She then quickly came back with " oh, you have the stubborness of your mother and the determination of your father."- a deadly combination I tell you- DEADLY.
I am not that great of a blogger... but after watching "Julie and Julia", I thought... you know... this could be a great way to hold me accountable and maybe obtain some fans/readers to help and encourage me along on this journey. I am going to try and post often... I would like to say daily- atleast 5 days a week, but there is no telling what lies ahead. So, before I make too many promises I will try and do my best and post often.
I really like her... she is an inspiration to me in so many ways ( minus the playboy posing and singled out days)


Dr. Carroll said...

This is your mom and of course you will make it to your goal. There never was a doubt in my mind. I am proud to call you my daughter. You do have a real live superman for a husband and I am glad that he is your life partner. You are also a fantastic mom. Thanks for being my daughter.
Love Mom

Kristen said...

If you didn't just introduce yourself as yourself I would have NEVER I mean NEVER known it was you! Hahaha
and ahhhh.... thanks mom! loves

Annie O. said...

Go girl! You can totally do it. I will be cheering you on form the sidelines so don't let me down! I'll be starting this Feb 25th so YOU get to be one of my inspirations. Good luck!

Kristen said...

Thanks Annie! How is the preg. coming along? The kiddos are so adorable! I will NOT let you down!