Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 9 of 60lbs

Today was fun at the gym....
I took my book
"Losing It"
by Jillian Michaels

If you want to get your world
then I suggest you pick up this little number and have a stab at it!
She is a MAD woman and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
I only cycled through the circuit 1 time,
but WOW.... it was super fun!
I put on the same jeans that I have been wearing lately... surprisingly they felt a little looser in the legs today!
It is working! It is working!
I made super yummy quesadillas tonight with whole wheat tortillas, black beans, shredded chicken with Ro*Tel and a little bit of cheese. They were super yummy and I calculated it out at about 350 cals.
That is pretty good I think.
I was full and 100% satisfied. I will most definitely be making those again... soon!
I haven't taken picts yet but I am going to ... I think that I will appreciate the transformation much more. As for posting them... NOT going to happen until I am confident enough.
(that may be never)
I am still focused and feeling really good!
If this stinkin snow would go away and warm weather return then I could do a little more outdoor activities which would help shed more cals... but 'tis the season!
Target already has bathing suits out... Seriously?
It is 11 degrees.


Natalie said...

yea!!! good girl kristen. still proud of you:).

Abbey said...

Im so proud of you. I love reading your blog but what I love even more in when you return my phone calls we haven't talked in forever and I miss you. So Call ME

Jenny said...

hey, add some of that dang good salsa to those quesidillas. The mall walk was fun; who cares if every one else is old, right? I think they liked seeing our cute babies:)

Annie O. said...

HAHAHA. I was in Target the other day and saw the swim suits and thought 'really, it's only in the 50's!' Congrats on week one! Keep that up and you'll be done before the 6 month mark!

I did the mall walk thing. You can get a free parking pass if you sign up in the mall offices. It was nice to have a place to walk in doors.

Annie O. said...

p.s. you have to do a before picture! Then you can have another way to track your success!

Kristen said...

Annie... you are so funny! Jenny and I actually got Mall Walker's passes the other day because we remembered you and Amandalynn did it! It was really nice!
How is that beautiful desert winter weather treating you! Isn't it the most amazing thing ever! Good luck with the new baby!