Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 26 of 60lbs

I am getting a little anxious about losing the 3.8lbs in the next 6 days.

It is times like these when I need help on balancing my food intake with appropriate calories and nutritional value.
I know it is possible to lose the weight... people on BL do it all the time, although I know I don't have as much to lose as some of the contestants, I still know it is possible.

I am still nursing which throws another curve ball to the mix.
There is a trainer at the gym that is awesome.
I really want her to train me.
I would obey her.
{ I promise.}
But then I just read my quote of the day calendar and it says,

"I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time." -Anna Frued

I watched the Suns game highlights on ESPN at the gym this morning and it was nice to see the win last night. We were lucky enough to get it broadcast out on the east coast. I was texting my dad throughout the game. I sent a text that said, " mess up so I can see you on T.V."
He text back with " love you guys."
Well, it was worth a shot right?
( my dad does the score board and/or the 24 second shot clock for all the Suns games)
Pretty cool to see your dad on T.V sometimes.

A huge snowstorm is coming tonight... I REALLY hope it snows more than 5 inches... because then Superman wont have to fly tomorrow morning! I really don't like this cold weather, but I guess it could have some benefits.

I am going to organize the house today.
I just started laughing after typing that sentence. But really I am going to try.
And then I am going to get out my sewing machine and GO. GO. GO.
I whipped up some cute little V-Day hair clippies that I am sending to some lovely people.
Infact... if you want one, and you will cause they are TO DIE FOR CUTE! Then leave me a little comment and I am going to pick one lucky person to send a little valentine to!
Who knows... maybe even 2 peeps!


Natalie said...

me me me me me me me me meeeee!

Kara said...

I'd L-O-V-E a Valentine clippy. I bet it's even chic enough for ME to wear :)

mary.liz said...

I just caught Biggest Loser this past week. I need to watch the premier to see everyone's stories! So motivating! Makes me want to work harder but being prego I can barely breathe as it is! :)

I know a few girls who would love a hair clippy from their hair-do hero!

Love you!

Kristen said...

And to the 3 of you they will come! Kara- they are indeed chic enough for you to wear! Nat- 2 winnings in one week! Let's go to vegas baby! Mary- BL is SO amazing! The clippies are going to look so adorable on those littles! Loves

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I'd love a clippy, but it looks like you chose your winners already :)

Ok. The organization thing.... SO much easier than you might think. On my long stetch of days off I picked 1 thing I wanted to reorganize. Well, first I made a that I could visualize it all first. Then, every day when the little people were napping, I did it. I have ONE thing left on my list and I feel FABULOUS about it! You can do it!!! And I've even done a couple more little things that weren't on my the kitchen junk drawer!

Good luck!

sara said...

Hey, I just saw your weightloss stuff! Way to go! Keep up the great work :)

A website I love right now is their daily plate section in particular- I lost about 20 pounds last year using it (gained it back-starting with weaning-ugh) Anyway...also I love Jillian's DVD's too-worth the money and nice to have on snow days or crazy days :)

Kristen said...

Tiffany... Avery MUST have one of these little clippies! They are so dang cute! Send me your address so I can get one off in the mail to you/her! Thanks for the organizational help! I like the list idea, then one thing at a time! When you break it down it seems to be NOT so daunting! Thank you!
Sara- thanks for the info! I will for sure go and check it out!

elizabeth said...

Did Lucy wear one yesterday? They're very cute. I know I'm late commenting, but good luck with your goal!!