Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 29 of 60lbs

The weekend was good.


I didn't quite make it to organizing everything... but as Tiffany said... make a list and tackle one thing at a time. Thanks Tiffany! I will take your advice.
I did however go crazy on the V-day clippies!
8 people
will be receiving packages this week... not including the 2 local lovlies that we have already hand delivered to!

Snow fell upon us heavily Friday night... which made for a day full of pajamas, cleaning and crafting ALL day!
Superman did in fact have to work... and luckily worked his super powers and made it home Saturday night.... Oh thank goodness!

After working out this morning -which I talked to Cindy during my entire cardio session and it was so nice and made the time FLY by!- I got home and checked the mail.
The jury duty heavens were looking down upon me and EXCUSED me from the 8 week trial!
-Oh the joys of motherhood sure do come in handy sometimes!

The sun was shining extra shiny today. I could barely see the car in front of me while I was running some errands. It was so beautiful.

I am going to do my weigh in this week on Thursday since that will mark the end of Month 1.

The downside is that I am retaining a little extra water this week- thank you "womanhood"
Oh well.. It all evens out in the end right!?!

Off to bed I go...
and Mr. Sunshine, please come out again tomorrow, please.


elizabeth said...

I didn't realize it was an 8 week trial. You did dodge the bullet.