Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 37 of 60lbs

I started taking a supplement called L-Glutamine.
I have talked a few times to a trainer at the gym and she sells it. I got suckered into it a little... but after all I did ask what her "pink" drink was, so I kind of brought it upon myself. It is black cherry and tastes sour and is gritty. I don't know how I am going to get through 60 servings of this stuff.
But suppposedly it is AMAZ-A-Zing... so we'll see.
I love this trainer. Her name is Cher. She is SUPER in-your-face like "yah" (did you feel the valley girl, head shaking, big open mouth with super blonde ponytail head bobbing when you just said "yah?" .. cause that is how she does it)
She is funny. She is also REALLY intense. SHE could be my Jillian in Charleston. Hmmmm?
I don't feel like I NEED a trainer, yet, but if I do decide to get one... I am pretty sure it will be her.
I am talking nice today. My body feels good.
BL is on tonight... Whoo hoo! I love it.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Thanks for reminding me to talk nice to my body :) I am sooo hard on myself sometimes. I don't want Avery to grow up thinking poorly of herself like I do of myself sometimes...so I appreciate the reminder!! I love that you posted a 'before' pic of yourself. You look great, Kristen. I really think you do. That 2nd baby can be so hard on the body, trust me I get it, but you look great!!!! Keep up the good work and I'm proud of your 8 pound weight loss so far! That is a huge success!


elizabeth said...

I didn't realize there were any valley girls in Charleston. I very intrigued what a valley girl-WV accent would sound like.