Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 52 of 60lbs

I am wanting to take some supplements, but every time I read the labels they say "consult a physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding"... luckily I am the latter! I am almost done... Peter is 11 months-on saturday- and he is becoming less interested. Sometimes.
I really am ready to be done. And wonder if he is getting much benefit as irregular as it happens anyways.?

We know a bunch of physicians... Maybe I will consult with them? Dave are you reading this? Cordell are you reading this? Cindy is your hubs reading this... or could you ask him? Gheesh... I know a few more... does anyone want to put their 2 cents in here?
I want to take a supplement called Guarana. Unfortunately, it contains caffeine (naturally)- don't judge too hard yet- take a look at the research and then decide. But I am worried about Peter.

I am feeling a little bit like my body is starting to "plateau"- I don't like that word in this context, but suppose it is true.
On the other hand I believe that I am a contributing factor to this plateau.
Will the supplements help? Will I be less hungry and have more energy? I don't really know.

Is it weak of me to reach out for something other than diet and exercise (that is safe/healthy)? I want to be an inspiration to myself and whomever else but does this make me less?

I don't know?

P.S. we are gerbil sitting. Gross. Double Gross.


sara said...

seriously do a "plateau" search on, peruse the forums. good stuff. Chin up. Or boob up, rather :D

Kristen said...

Sara... you are too funny!
I will definately do the search! I am in need of a little mix up anyways! Thank you so much!

elizabeth said...

I'll check with Dave. I'm sure it's okay. And gerbils are cute, but smelly and dirty.

mary.liz said...

Try this...go to bed two hours earlier for two weeks!! See if that helps! I'm reading EVERYWHERE that sleep has more to do with our weight loss success than we give it credit for. When we are tired, we crave more food. We live in these artificially light homes staying up for no good reason when we should be sleeping!

I personally wouldn't recommend any supplement while breastfeeding. Try getting a little more shut-eye and see if that helps first!

What about water intake? Too much sodium? More fruit than veggies? Cut out all refined sugar for a few days?

You can do it! :)

Katie said...

Kristen- Hey I'm sad to say that I haven't checked anyone's blog in about two months. Keep going! Your inspiring me to be more healthy! Loved reading up on all your posts. I better follow Mary's advice and get to bed now that I've stayed up reading them:)

elizabeth said...

So, it's probably best not to take that supplement considering there's no way to monitor exactly what quality/amount of the ingredient they're putting in the drink. Studies have not been done on pregnant or breast feeding women. Good luck. I had a fun weekend.