Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 38 of 60lbs

The weather is terrible here and has been for a LONG time now.

The sun hasn't shone in Forever.
It is really depressing especially coming from a girl with DEEP roots in AZ!

On the happier side of the depressing weather... D.C is getting pounded with FEET of snow and we have only seen a couple of inches. BUT.... out of the last 4 days... Superman's schedule has been cancelled!

***Warning: the next topic I am about to blog has some anatomically correct language.***

I have a bone to pick with gym NaZI and her "gym etiquette"-

I was finished with my work out the other day and I always always always go wash my hands with 3 pumps of soap and HOT water after I am done working out. I walked into the locker room which I might add is nicely arranged so as to be somewhat private.
As I walked in I saw a woman bare-naked with her areolas for all the world to see.
Now seriously honey? Turn around. Go into the dressing stall, or go where you are not in plain sight of EVERYONE to see! All I wanted to do was wash my hands. Instead I got a full on frontal! Now let's discuss "etiquette"

no, let's don't.
Just turn around please. Keep your areolas to yourself.


Natalie said...

my new motto "keep your areolas to yourself". thank you kristen. i'm having t shirts made up today. i'll send you one. this is a message that we, together, can spread to gym nazis and areola showers every where.

Natalie said...

show-er, not shower like your name...

Kristen said...

I am peeing my pants Nat! I love you. Please send out the shirts soon!
And thanks for the word clarification. I needed that!

mary.liz said...

Well, tell us...was she as smoking hot as she thinks she is?

I will proudly wear one of the shirts too! :)

Rich and Mallory said...

I feel your pain. Columbus is just snow, cold and ice! I need to feel the warmth of the sun!!