Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 47 of 60lbs

The sweet sun came out today.


I am better than yesterday thank goodness.
We watched the men's figure skating last night. I stayed awake to see Evan Lysacek and then fell asleep for Plushenko... Superman forgot to wake me up. I kind of was bummed but was glad that Evan won the GOLD!

Here is OUR future Gold medalist!

I am doing good. I weighed myself again today... thankfully the scale was working today, unlike yesterday, and I am MUCH much MUCH better! I am going to put that towards next weeks weigh-in since today technically is day 1 of the "new" week.

We are off to Columbus Ohio tomorrow to visit the Temple. We need it. Next month we are going to visit family in Seattle and go to the Temple in Bellevue- where we were married!

See you next week!


Natalie said...

she has such an angel face. I love it. Glad that yesterday was better. Have fun in ohio! love you!

elizabeth said...

I had no idea she could ice skate. Cute pictures.