Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 31 of 60lbs

I like to mix it up a little bit at the gym with my cardio sometimes.
So, today I did 20 mins on the treadmill, with various inclines and mixed running and walking. I like to side-step for a few mins on each side too, for agility. I sometimes walk backwards which makes my thighs really burn and I like it.
After the treadmill I went over to the upright bike for 20 more mins. The gym just got new bikes and I LOVE THEM. The are super comfy and have a thousand programs and a small built in fan that shoots right on your face!
So awesome.

1 more thing... I went to the DMV today.
and nobody knows what they are doing.!

Since I haven't posted very many pictures lately... I thought my blog needed some spice, and some sugar. So here are some lovely valentine things.

**Images taken from flickr. dana from made. such pretty things. carpe diem. and the purl bee.


Travis said...

I agree. The DMV makes me say bad words and think evil thoughts... There is no kindness at their front desk. None.

Kara said...

We just got your cute little V-Day clippies in the mail yesterday. Makenna wanted to wear both in her pigtails and they were adorable! THANK YOU!!!

Natalie said...

kristen! Thank you a million times! I went to the mail yesterday after a really *&$!@# (you fill in any swear word you want. Fun game, huh?) day (week actually) and found some lovelies from my dear friend. the girls LOVE them and are already fighting over who gets to wear the pink one first. Crue even got in on the action. He settled for red last night:). It made me smile and i can't thank you enough! Love you Kristen!

elizabeth said...

I love that you are so disgusted with the DMV and won't even sit down. You make me laugh.

Kristen said...

I totally thought of you while I was there too! I thought... how did she sit down in here! I must look like the biggest SNOB going in there... but seriously it is DISGUSTING!!!! The window attendant looked really "put-together." As I was approaching her, I thought... thank goodness someone who will be competent enough to answer my REALLY hard questions... and then she blinked, and I thought... Oh honey, someone needs to teach you how to do your eye make up! It was the absolute strangest way I have EVER seen eye liner done in my entire life!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the darling hair clippies! I pulled them out of the envelope and Avery instantly wanted one in her hair! They are SO very cute!

We even have a valentines day party on Thursday to wear them to, I'll be sure to take pix!!