Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 30 of 60lbs

My legs are starting to take a nice shape... atleast one that is different than what I have been used to looking at in the 10 foot mirrors at the gym. So to me that is "nice."

I broke down at the grocery store last night. I bought some "Healthy Choice" frozen meals.
They were on sale and only 380 cals each. I couldn't resist the margherita chicken in angel hair pasta with basalmic sauce. The picture looks delicious. I will give an update soon!
I figure at least it is something different and since Superman is working nights this month I am usually not in the mood to make a full dinner.... so, I am going to take a whirl with the frozen variety.

Warmer days are hopefully upon us soon! Lucy is beginning to get cabin fever and in turn driving me a little bonkers. Luckily we have been able to play with friends the last few days!

My sewing machine is calling to me!
I need a fix