Friday, January 8, 2010

Midnight Confessions of an Airline Pilot

I did a post on
"Midnight Confessions of an Airline Pilot"
about 2 years ago and I thought I might do another.. maybe make this an ongoing sort of thing.. I don't know...we'll see!
Anyways, we were laying in bed the other night and talking.
Ben starts to tell me a story about something or other when I interrupt.... as I so often do- to ask minor silly details that matter to me, not him- I wanted to know who he was flying with the next day, he rattled off their names and then I said, "Hey, why is Alicia suspended?" He laughed, and said.. "How is it that you know my flight attendant is suspended?"
I laughed and said " facebook, Hello!"
It was funny.
So, I asked what happened to her and why she was suspended and he told me what is was-I don't remember now- but what he told me next was absolutely
This same aforementioned flight attendant one time was suspended. Why you ask?
After landing in D.C the crew (Ben was not one of the pilot's) went into the airport to get a bite to eat.
Upon returning to the airplane they found a passenger still in the airplane!!!!!!!!!!
He had been asleep and she-the FA- didn't check the plane before leaving and shutting the door!

So funny.
It wasn't some crazed old lady or young child, it was a 20 something guy and he was just fine.

I just find that so funny. SO. Funny!
The FA is lucky she didn't get fired!