Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Midnight Confessionss... of an airline pilot

In Ben's Sunday School class last week, Ben was talking with the kids about their past week. One of the boys,-Sam, told Ben that he had a rough week due to some of the guys giving him a hard time about accidentally walking into the ladies restrooom. Oops!
So last night while talking in bed... Ben tells me about his trip to D.C on Sunday night. And while in the airport waiting for the next flight he was talking with a couple other crew members. He excused himself to go to the restroom... walked in, used the facilities, washed up and began walking out.... until someone else walked in... a woman. Of course they both looked at one another puzzled. She said to Ben, "I thought I came in the right bathroom," turns out... she did infact walk into the right facility... Ben however did not!


Pew Family said...

HA HA! That's hilarious. At least no other women were in the bathroom while he did his business, right?!!! Ha! That's so funny. Was he totally embarrassed? I can see where he got confused - -sometimes those little woman and man stick figures on the restroom signs look the same. They really should put signs in BIG BOLD LETTERS that say MEN's and WOMEN's. The little stick figures aren't gettin' the job done!!!

Taylor & Marisha said...

That is so hilarious, I love it!!

I can totally see a Captain walking out of the bathroom...was it at Reagan? I love it!

Taylor is in DC this week, he flies out of Reagan Friday night, wonder if Ben will be there??

My phone crashed and I didn't get the numbers downloaded out of it first. Would you text me your number?

Thanks! Cute Pics. Lucy is growing way to fast, I can't believe she is almost 1.

Natalie said...

i did the same thing at church but there was a group of 4 men standing across the hall and they all yelled at once "don't go in there!" I turned every shade of red that you can imagine. Way to go Ben!
Couldn't he get written up for something perverted like that? And you thought it was an accident:)...