Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 15 of 60lbs


I feel good about that number!
In 14 days I have lost 5 lbs!
I feel
good about that number!

On another note:
I met the
this morning.
What a treat that was!
Just to give you a run-down of the event....
I woke up early to go to the gym today so Elizabeth and I
could still do our "mall-walk" at 8:30.

So, I was up at 7 and out the door to the gym.... I just finished my warm up- which by the way felt exhilarating after stepping on the scale and seeing the 2.4!
I proceeded over to the free-weights, which by the way is about the size of a volleyball court... nice size.
NOT A SOUL was there when I started.
I was in the ZONE with my purple i-pod shuffle of course.
I was about 1/3 done with my circuit from my bible aka Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut"
when little miss Smarty Pants interrupts me ...
"are you using the 15lb weights right now?" to which I replied while LOOKING very directly over to the other rack of weights where another set of 15's were and said ,
"Um, no. Not right now"
She then lectured me on "gym etiquette"
"you know I don't mean to be so forward, but has anyone gone over gym etiquette with you? Because you shouldn't gather all of your stuff up and keep it to yourself. Other people might want to use those things and you shouldn't have these things out if you aren't using them right away."
(there were only 2 people now in the free weight area)

Do you know ... I had this look on my face like are you really going to bother me at 7:30 in the morning when I had like less than 3 hours of un-interrupted sleep last night?
And then I said, " thank you."
Kristen, you idiot!
I know.... I really wish sometimes that I could say the right thing... at least the things that come to my mind for the next 12 min after being lectured by Gym NaZI.
(she was one of those old women who have nothing better to do with their time than correct people)
So annoying.
Let me tell you though... I was fired up and I took it out on my workout!
So it was rather productive.

And there you have it... I must be doing something right because I feel good and the numbers are dropping, even if I have Gym Nazi breathing down my neck.


Natalie said...

i HATE when i say thank you when people (strangers) feel inclined to parent my children or lecture me on how to parent my children. Then i get in the car and feel anger and think of all the things i should have said...

Kara said...
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Kara said...

Next time anyone does that, take a few seconds to think of something clever (all the while staring them straight in the eye, giving you time to gather your thoughts) and then spout off something that will shut them right up. It takes practice, but you feel quite empowered afterward.

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm sure you're looking fab. I'm eating my way through this pregnancy, just telling myself that it'll all come off in the spring, carrying around two kids (am I delusional?).

elizabeth said...

How rude. I can't believe people actually say things like that. And congrats on the 2.4 lbs. You're staying ahead of schedule.