Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 24 of 60lbs

We returned safely from Charlotte!
We had so much fun with the Lenzi's!

Lucy and Katelyn are getting better... although I am pretty sure we had some serious PMS going on with the dolls for a day or 2!
Makes for some real interesting situations!

I indulged while on mini-vaca.
We ate at Melting Pot... it was DELICIOUS,
just how I last remembered it.
We ate cinnamon rolls and frozen yogurt at IKEA
and I bought some new pillow covers for our couch pillows.

Oh, and we had Chinese... I have been craving it, and superman doesn't like it unless it is from Panda Express... and let's face it, that resembles NOTHING like chinese!

I was certain that I had blown my caloric intake all but 1 day....
But I was aware of my choices.

I hopped right back into things when I returned home and the scale didn't hate me that much.
I am
1.2 lbs

Not too bad considering my indulgent ways!?!

I still have some work to do to catch up... I have 3.8 lbs to lose before the 4th of February- basically in 7 days to stay right on course.
The gym felt good after having 5 days off.
It is getting easier in many ways, harder in others.

The poll ended while I was in CLT.... so here you go.

This is me being REal! So easy on the criticism....
this is taking alot of courage.


Natalie said...

um...let me be the first to say that- what are you talking about 60 lbs???? you look great! really, you do! i'm proud of you for increasing your health, but reguardless of the scale (or your perceptions:)), you look fantastic! i love you!

Dr. Carroll said...

Kris, you look awesome. I still think 60 lbs is too much. But I am right behind you supporting all your efforts. Keep up the good work as kiss Lu and Petah for me. Love your guts Mom

elizabeth said...

Why did you have to mention all of those great restaurants? Just to make you jealous, I'm going to get some biscuits from Tudor's.

Travis said...

go go go... keep on track... I have not... so, I'll try to motivate you instead... :)

mary.liz said...

You look fantastic...60 is waaaaay too much. You look great as is! But I know how personal goals go. You should go easy on yourself! Keep up the good work!