Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 69 of 60lbs

you're the

I will personally deliver this little lovely to you next week!
Sorry to the rest of you! I promise more when I muster up a few more hours in the day, which might be challenging since we lose an hour tomorrow... on second thought.. Candi, maybe you'll have to wait?

Working out has been hard this week. Not physically but mentally. I have gone to the gym everyday which is good for habit and repetition. But 2 of the days I have been there I get through about the first five minuets of my warm-up and decide I am done. Mentally something is just shutting down. I am dreaming of something else. I am out of the zone. I lose all sense of desire to be there and all intensity as well.
I usually push through for another 30 min and do some cardio... at half-attempt, but I just keep thinking I am going to come out of this haze and get back my drive right?
I am really banking on something by monday.
I don't know... we'll see.
Maybe I need a change up in routine? Maybe I need a partner in crime? Do you want to join Nautilus with me?

Last post I was a little hard on myself about my mentioning the weather I think. Thanks Nat for the comment about your Grandma and her always journaling about what the weather was for that day. It made me feel less crazy for the weather being such a big deal to me.
So count on the weather...well don't count on the weather... just count on seeing me blog about it sometimes.
Happy weekend.


Natalie said...

congrats Candi!

cheer up'll be back in the zone before you know it...'even though i am not motivated, i completely love and accept myself', tap away my friend:)...haha

Kristen said...

thank you.
love you

Anonymous said...

Hoot Hoot!!
Can't wait to see you...with or without the skirt :)

Abbey said...

you can't TAP OUT yet you are doing so good maybe you just need to see your little sis and you will get back in the groove love your guts

Kristen said...

Hey Babe...
I can't wait to see you with or without your skirt too! Love Ben