Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have written/typed a thousand things so far and keep hitting delete!
I guess we've been pretty busy. But "busy" seems to be a relative term.
I like the Holiday season, but I sometimes liked it a lot better when I reminisce about past years.
Like the year Ben and I were dating... I found some old picts of us when we visited his family and went out to Gig Harbor.

I just realized that I am still wearing those jeans... Yikes! and Sweeet!
I feel like we look so young then? It wasn't that long ago?

Then I came across picts of us that same year for "New Year's"
Who did I let cut my hair? NOT my sister... Wow! That was bad. But Ben looks GQ.

Hopefully my memory will pick this one up in the future too. Without a camera makes things tricky, but it's coming.. Santa spilled the beans! Wahhoooooooo!!!!!!!
We all had the "flu" this past weekend, and it seems as though I had it worse than anyone else. ?

I caught Lucy sleeping the other night and it is hitting me more and more that she doesn't look like this anymore, she does to me still, she is still so tiny, my baby. Even though she insists on the fact, sadly it is a "fact" that she is NOT a baby. I tell her she is my baby and always will be, but she says, No mom. I am not.
She still sleeps like this and that inFACT does make her my baby!
I have a thousand things on my list, and that's before Christmas begins. Hallelujah!
I 'll try to get some more up soon!


Travis said...

It is fun to find old pics... I found a bunch of scanned photos from when Amy and I were in college, the first time... Pretty crazy... But I can't fit into my old jeans... Ha