Thursday, May 27, 2010

day who knows of 60lbs

I have seriously been slacking on my documentation of my weight loss goal, the weight is still dropping, ( not as quickly as I had hoped but either way, still on the decline!)

On another note... Summer seems to be in full swing.

We have successfully been without the heater for 3 weeks now and the air-conditioner is working mighty fine! The humidity is quite possibly going to drive me insane along with the mosquitos, but a little "Off" and it's go time!

I woke up a few days ago and read a blog that I have fallen in love with and decided just like Kelle, that this too was going to be a summer to remember! I love love love the sunshine, water and popsicles, oh and the baseball games (d-backs are the fav)! We have been soaking it up. all. week. and I have a thousand pictures to prove it. I will spare a thousand pictures but I will put up some favorites!

Waking up, watering flowers, a nice 5 mile walk with the ladies and babies, dips in the pool.
Sunshine makes for lovely long naps after lunch.

A little blonde haried 3 year old and the cutest red-headed 1 year old wake up with the most intense desire to go right back out for round 2 of water and sunshine. I just can't help it.... if there is sunshine and warmth... let's be outside.

There is always a scent of BBQ within range of my senses. Breathe in. Delish.

The smell of sunscreen lingers until bathtime and then we lather up with Burt's best! Nothing smells better on my babies!

I love sitting on the bed at night and feeling the coolness that the ceiling fan has to offer.

Summertime really is delightful!

There is sunshine in my soul.

So happy that this will stay around for a few months. We are going to soak it up!

Oh and one more "super" thing... I found a "Superman" shirt that is for Superman. I will snap a few shots of him in his aviators... take my breath away! Yum. Stay tuned for that one.


Natalie said...

gorgeous pics kristen! happy days are here again:). yay! love you!

Abbey said...

love my babies they are getting so big i need to be closer to you so i can spend more time with them and so their auntie can spoil them rotten!!!

elizabeth said...

Love the pictures. Especially the one of Lucy on the dock. So pretty.