Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 156 of 60lbs

Did I ever tell you how much
this girl?
We walked 4.8 miles this morning with the "B" girls.
Barker, Bright, and Berrey to exact.
And with all of our adorable babies!
We always attract attention in one way or another.
Today we attracted the kind of attention that was of the, "umm, that comment/compliment was a little uncomfortable and akward, and if you were actually attractive then maybe that would have been flattering but from you it was slightly creepy and weird"- kind of way.
You know?
Well, the almost 5 miles proved to be stretching it out for the kids a little and we ended up running the last 1/2 mile plus. Our legs were tired and feeling it towards the end but the weather was just too perfect to sell our selves short of soaking up every last bit.. and thus we did!
Happy sunny cool days to you!
And one more thing:
better show up tonight!


sara said...

oh, those photos of you and your senorita are GORGEOUS!!!!

Kristen said...

Oh thanks Sara! you are such a doll!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Sara. Those are great pictures!

tiffany jeanne said...

You girls are darling :) I love love love the pictures!

elizabeth said...

Gorgeous girls!!

Haynsy said...

Hmmm, no pro ball in Seattle.

I say Boston any day of the week.