Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 177 of 60 lbs

It is becoming VERY clear to me that I will in fact NOT reach my goal of losing 60 lbs in 6 months. However, I came to and have mentioned this realization a few times before and once again, I am OKAY with that. I have made, in my opinion, HUGE success and am going to keep on movin on!

I have reached the 1/2 way point and am happy to say that if feels really good! It also feels really good to know that I am not going to go back in the upwards direction- meaning prego- again for a while. It was at this point Post-Lucy that I was pregnant again with Peter. I was happy but was deeply hoping NOT to re-gain the amount of weight that I did with Lucy. No such luck.
Things here in the Barker household have been busy busy busy, but good! We are anxiously awaiting the Sale of our home and hope it comes quickly!

Swim lessons were a big hit for Lucy a few weeks ago and we are going to go with another session in a few weeks! She is a fish! Loves the water.... just like her mama! Maybe the fact that I labored in the water with her increased her LOVE for water! She is a natural and kicks her feet like a rockstar!
We are looking forward to the 4th of July and celebrating! ( Do you remember when our neighbor asked Ben if we celebrated the 4th? and I said " we're mormon, not British!" So yah.. we will be celebrating! the 4th is one of my favorite holidays!)
The humidity here in Charleston is in full swing and sometimes gets the best of me! But we are staying cool by getting some pool time in and frequent visits to the library! Oh and Popsicles.... LOTS of "pop-a-sicles!"

We have also been saying goodbye to GOOD friends... We are going to miss you Berrey's! we already do! Hope you are doing well in Oklahoma! One last trip to the Creperi for Elizabeth's farewell!
( ps. look at those calves on my little Lulu!- Grandpa will be so proud)I borrowed my neighbors camera to see if I really NEED a SLR camera.. and I do NEED one!

Here are a few picts that I took of some of our neighbors flowers!

I love this one of the trees and the flag in the background!

We are anxiously awaiting our trip out to Washington where we will go again for the 2nd year in a row to Coure D'Alene! Sometimes the knowing that we will be heading to the lake house is what keeps me going!

Peter got the "o.k" to be treated like a "normal" child again and a clear report from the Hematologist! We are pleased to know that our little peanut is healthy and well! Bruising now is not a concern anymore and unless we see any abnormal bruising or bleeding he is to continue normal activity! Yay buddy! So other than those horrible molars coming in and the need to "bang" his head on anything hard when he gets mad.. we are super happy!

That is a good re-cap of what we have been doing! I will be trying to update more and will give the final weigh-in next Monday!

Have a good one!


Travis said...

Yay for summer...!!!

elizabeth said...

There are so many things I want to comment on about this post. That's probably because I'm not walking with you for an hour.

First of all, a huge congrats on losing 30 pounds. I mean, that's HUGE. I'm also so glad to hear Peter has returned to his normal self. Yay. And as for the camera...don't you have a birthday kinda coming up?

Kristen said...

Yes Elizabeth...a birthday is kinda coming up. If you want to know which one she wants let me know. Ben

Jenny said...

Kristen- I still can't believe you did zumba instead of a walk:) so...did you like it? Lets go next week before you go to dulles. The lake house, more cda in general, keeps me going too sometimes:)