Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 102 of 60lbs

So here I am.

I am back and promise to be a better blogger.

I can't believe that 30 days went by without me blogging my weightloss goal progress.
Although we were on vacation and I did post a couple of times I still have some major catching up to do!
Catching up is what I feel like I have been doing for the last week except it has been shoved into major OVERDRIVE!
We are selling our home.
So exciting and so crazy busy at the same time.
I have spent the last week cleaning and putting things away like a MAD woman. Superman hasn't stopped in 4 years though... so really in comparison I am a huge wuss!
Nonetheless.... this stress has brought on some weightloss as well!
Some funny things about being away for a while is this

#1 - you go back and visit family and since it has been 7 months since seeing them last, you have in fact lost weight and look better -everything except your hair that is in the depths of despair!
#2- you go and see the Queen of hair- my little sister Abbey (beener for short) and she makes you look like Gweneth Paltrow- haha yah right - but atleast makes you feel like your hair could rival her's!
#3- your newly cut bangs gives everyone the impression that you have lost alot of weight- even your superman hubs notices- and that is very impressive!
#4- you commence the year of giving your sweet little baby the nourishment of his life and suddenly your chest sinks in again

... so being gone for 3 weeks gives you a huge burst of self-esteem and validates once again how much I LOVE SPRING! .. especially in West Virginia.
And the Tulips.... oh the sweet beautiful tulips!
Maybe it is because they don't last very long, or maybe because they are just so perfect, or because they were the flower of my choice for our wedding.. or maybe because I have a dream of being in Holland someday wearing wooden shoes and feeling like I fit in with my blonde hair and blue eyes... whatever it may be I LOVE TULIPS!
As for weightloss.... I am still doing pretty good. I am a good distance away from my goal still and a ways off of my target but I continue to keep making progress and even being gone for almost a month I still came home with weight loss!Monday it is back to the gym time and start toning in areas that need some major toning for bathing suit season.

I do have a post coming soon about East Coast vs West Coast... so far the points are stacked against the East.. but we'll see in the end how it all ends up!


Taylor, Marisha, and Bryn said...

You look great! I love San Clemente, please tell me you are moving there, or Colorado! I can't believe how much Peter has grown, and Lucy is a doll! Brynley is going to be in love.

Abbey said...

loved this post and that could possibly be one of my fav pics of you and the kids miss you tons and i so proud of all your progress stay

Travis said...

I hope that it takes you a year to sell the house... Then you can move where we do... ;)

elizabeth said...

Glad your back Kristen. And yes, your bangs do look great. And your tulipis.