Monday, June 16, 2008

catch up!

Lucy and Eve eating popsicles!

We went to Charlotte last weekend to have a visit with Tonya and Katelyn! Here are few pictures of the girls! We had so much fun taking pictures like the paparazzi of these two little clowns!

A few weeks ago we picked our first fresh home-grown strawberry! Lucy loved it!

Daddy's little bug!
While we were in phoenix last month we had a birthday party for Lucy with all of my family. and Little loo-hoo after all the company had left just stood- up in the middle of the room and decided that it was time to walk! She has been non-stop since! My grandma was totally beside herself! We are so happy to have our little one walking! She is so much fun!

She didn't waste anytime devouring her cake!

Aunt Kerry and Lucy
Uncle Nick and Lu-Lu
Gigi loves her Lucy!
Nan, me and Nat went out for a quick lunch to our favorite PB! We had fun getting all the kids together! I miss you guys so much! I cant wait to move back and see each other more often! Loves
Sweet Nan, Colby and Brylee!
Grandpa and Lucy! These two are a pair of monkeys! Thanks for everything dad! We miss you and love you!
Grandpa Barker and all his crazy Barker grandkiddos! We had fun wishing Ben's dad a happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed all your treats and your bright shinny new red lawnmower!
Ben with Lucy and Josiah! I didn't get too many picts of the boys while we were in Seattle but here is a good one of Siah! We miss you guys and love you tons!
While in Seattle we had a bday bash for Lucy with all her Barker cousins! She is not so happy in this pict. but she had a great time with everyone!
Jo-JO and LU-Lu! These two are going to be trouble!
A little Bocce...... we had a lot of fun even though it was so COLD!

Here is Hattie-Belle, Josie, Lucy and I! We had so much fun hanging out! We painted toenails, did hair, and watched H.S Musical! Can't wait for another girls night with you Hattie!
Barker boys!
I can never get enough "girl-time" with you guys! We had fun and I think a few memories will be burned into my brain from Brooke's language that night!
(left to right: me, brooke, amber and candi!)


The Booher Klan said...

Oh you all look so happy. LuLu is so cute. you look so good too. I miss you bunches. if you ever want a girl trip here come and we can do fun stuff in the HEAT:)

Aaron and Melanie Gordon said...

Hi Kristen...It's been a long time and I am glad I randomly found your blog. What a beautiful little family you have...Just wanted to say hi, hope all is well....come visit our blog....
-Melanie (Allen) Gordon