Thursday, June 12, 2008

ninety degrees and eighty percent humidity

I've been in a little bit of a funk lately with my blogging, amongst other things. But, right now this very minute I had to blog about the picture posted above.
I live/have lived a very "cushy" life thus far, until about 3 days ago.... and that is when I realized how much of a pansy I really am. Our air-conditioner decided to take a rest the other day warranting in frantically rummaging through the yellow pages for a serviceman's number. Unluckily, most responses were "we can come out on thursday".... well, you know what... that really isn't going to work.
So, "Mr. Social" walked next door to the house that is being remodeled and buttered-up his new-found friends.... and what do you know? 45 min. later a repairman was at our door-step. Although our speedy serviceman came to a quick rescue... the part that needed to be ordered could not be here until today.
I just knew this was going to be a looooooooooong few days. The humidity is about 80% or more with the temp at around 90 degrees. And for all you lucky arizonians.... humidity is NOT your friend! So, as we speak the repairman is driving away, air-conditoner working properly, and I am basking in my rapidly cooling office typing away as my daughter is ripping one post-it off the stack at a time, and do I care? NOPE, because the sweat beads are no longer on her nose and her hair no longer feels like we just got out of the tub.... and tonight I know that she will sleep very soundly because she is lacking in her 2 a day naps for today due to the extreme heat wave in our home. So, for me, today, at this moment right now I am relishing in going back to my "cushy" life.
So this post is for you Willis Haviland. Iheartyou!


The Manns said...

That stinks. I told Drew last week that our air conditioner going out would be the worst thing possible, truly. Humidity is the devil.