Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sharpened Pencil=Bris

This week is full of Jewish holidays... although we are not Jewish, we thought we would participate! Always a good reason to have a party. So in Peter's honor we had his "unveiling" this week and commemorated the event with a nice dinner with Grandma Barker, Frank and LaDonna! I am sure the Jews would be a little disappointed seeing as we ate pork... but I made sure that I asked the butcher and he assured me that this pig was only organically fed.... that must count for something right?
***circumcision is not for the weary, or tender hearted mother!


Katie said...

I felt the same way about circumcision. It broke my heart. How can they do that to those innocent little boys! I just wanted to make it all better.

Barker's said...

You tell Cordell he better be nice when he is doing circ. to little babies! It is heartbreaking to deal with afterwards!