Sunday, August 19, 2007

Friends... we are so lucky to have them!

We went to visit our friends Drew and Kara Mann for the weekend for their new baby Makenna's blessing... She is so tiny... but absolutely beautiful! We were really lucky that Kara's parents Mike and Donna Bird were also in town! They are the sweetest people! We had alot of fun visiting and can't wait until the girls are big enough to play! We are having so much fun now that all of our friends are having babies! So here they are Daddies with their daughters.... Ben with Lucy and Drew with Makenna.Here is the little munchkin fighting sleep! She is so crazy... I swear if she could get away with it she would NEVER sleep! She burries her head into the bed and let's out a huge sigh... it is super hilarious!

After our swim she totally crashed... She never sleeps in her car seat... but she was so exhausted that she had no clue we were already home! Look at those rosy cheeks and that cute little nose! What would our lives be without these precious ones?

My little water babies! We had so much fun! Lucy loves the water!

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

We caught Lucy laughing so hard... so here she is! So dang cute!

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